The 12 year 7542 Dayi Journey.

Oh the danger…

Maybe tax time 2018, February or March?

I proposed the idea… you all throw out mathssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss because these are not hard to find, but this would be an easy swoop for same storage and all.

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mrmopar said

Five way split $90.00 or so plus shipping today’s rates…. Probably.

and here I was thinking 12 ways so everyone got 357g : p

That actually sounds REALLY inexpensive

mrmopar said

Yuan @ .15 USD, 2998 @.15= $457.00 or so before shipping for the lot. 5 way split 70 grams or so per person of each.

Yeah… that’s a good price too! Just… some shipping back and forth to deal with.

Dr Jim said

If this is Taobao do you need to go through an agent? I think I’d have to do this as well.

Well… I have a business account one. Do you want to invest your tax return in Dayi 7542:p?

Inkay said

This looks like it would be awesome.

Brian said

great plan

Rasseru said


MrQuackers said

It’s pretty bad when a person knows what that puehr is and yet has never drunk fine puehr

mrmopar said

You should join us. Be glad to send you a little somethin to taste.

Dr Jim said

Re the tax, time comment:

My google translation includes the phrase “Hot to September 24, please buy as soon as possible!”. The price is discounted from Y4880 to Y2988, which may mean that the sale is only good this week?

On the other hand, I just got my state tax refund last week, so maybe this is tax season for some of us :)

So I should buy it now… And see how many people want an early Xmas present :p

But seriously the price is good and I have decent business shipping at $26/kg through DHL

Rasseru said

Man, you know it’s bad taste doing Christmas things in September.

I think we can forgive you this oversight though


obritten said

I would definitely join in…uhg one can never resist exploration of the mythical 7542

mrmopar said

Batch differences. That will be a good one to get into.

My fiance said she would help me break and weight this out… I may, maybe you know maybe, be thinking of doing this…

Ken said

Oh I guess im in too, if you do this. Lol and I still havent finished my other tea buys either.

I think I will… At the price, even after shipping, it’s incredibly low

Dr Jim said

I busted my budget 2 months ago, but this is just too interesting to pass up.

I always liked the classics.

It’s okay to say no… but keep me posted :p

mrmopar said

I would vote yes.

Dr Jim said

It’s OK to say no, but I’m going to say yes.

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