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Winter is Coming - Time to Pre-Order your 12 Teas of Christmas box!

Greetings, Everyone!

Rather than starting a brand new conversation, I decided to edit last year’s! Hopefully this won’t cause any confusion!!!

The votes have been cast and counted – and the poll is now closed (no more voting!) but now we need to start pre-orders so that we have time to order the supplies we’ll need to start making our 12 Teas of Christmas boxes!

This year, we want to ship out our boxes no later than November 10 for our International and Canadian customers and November 15 for our US customers to avoid anyone not receiving their box in time for the start of the countdown on December 14.

Please place your order now – we’re only making a limited number of these boxes this year and once we’re sold out – we won’t be making more! To make sure you’ll receive a box this year order now:https://www.52teas.com/christmas-promotion/

Thank you to everyone for all your support! You guys are awesome!

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People tend to have mixed feelings about hearing about Christmas in September, don’t they? And tea forum posts that seem a bit commercial, really. That said, this reminded me of the idea of Christmas tea blends, which are one of the few types of tea blends I’m a bit open to (along with masala chai and Thai tea).

The standard version, if there is one, is probably black tea, citrus (orange peel, or whatever else), and clove, but from there those could go in lots of directions, adding a little cinnamon, peppermint, cherry, cacao, pine needles, anything that might seem vaguely related. It would be madness to start mixing up Christmas blends now since fall-theme teas are just getting started, and masala chai makes sense in cold weather, but in a couple months it would. This post mentioned making one blend and also a British tea blog that reviewed a few dozen variations: https://teaintheancientworld.blogspot.com/2016/12/making-chocolate-covered-cherry.html

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I realize that people have mixed feelings about hearing about Christmas in September, however, I did post this in the Tea promotions section of the forums because it is indeed a promotion for my 12 Teas of Christmas box which I think that some of my customers (who are also Steepsterites) want to know when these boxes go on pre-sale. Because they are a time-sensitive product, I need to offer them on a pre-sell basis so that I can be sure to make enough boxes and get them shipped out in enough time so that everyone who wants one receives one before the countdown date of December 14.

Sure, that sounds familiar. In fact I think all this thread might be nearly word for word comparable to one last year. Or maybe that’s just a sense of deja vu I’m experiencing instead.

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I don’t know if it’s nearly word for word or not – I can’t remember what I wrote last year versus this year – but it’s very likely to be very similar since the same person who wrote it last year is writing it this year and the product remains essentially the same, it’s a box of 12 teas (although the teas this year are different) and it serves as an advent calendar of sorts, counting down 12 days, starting on the 14th of December.

And next year, I will no doubt be posting about the 2018 Twelve Teas of Christmas box, so long as I’m still doing what I do and Steepster is still here for me to let the kind tea drinkers know that it’s time to pre-order the box.

I thought this sounded familiar:

52Teas said about a year ago
12 Teas of Christmas!
Christmas is coming and while you probably don’t want to be reminded of that so early – we need to get this thing rolling so that we know how much of each tea to blend! We need to get the Pre-orders in NO LATER than October 10th so that we have time to order inventory and supplies – and get those boxes out to you before December 14th when the countdown begins!

This year, we’re bringing back the 12 Teas of Christmas box!

john-in-siam said about a year ago
Even aside from this seeming a little spammy people might not be ready to hear about Christmas just yet.

LiberTEAS SELECT said about a year ago
It was posted in the “Tea Companies and Promotions” page – and as I mentioned above, because I’ll be blending 12 teas, I need to have time to do that as well as get the supplies so that people can receive their box before December 14th.

john-in-siam said about a year ago
Got it. I didn’t mean it as an accusation, more as feedback that in early September the gut reaction to a “Christmas is coming…” intro might be “no it’s not.”

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It’s a bit redundant but again I mean no offense. I’m not all that into blends or maybe I’d consider it, and living out of the US makes shipping more a problem. I like to try blends to link cooking and tea, but that also means that I don’t buy any of them.

52Teas said

It’s not redundant at all. Every year, we have a 12 Teas of Christmas box. It’s a tradition of 52Teas. I am posting as 52Teas in the promotion section of the Steepster forums – a place where many tea companies post information about their offers. A very large percentage of my customers are people who frequent Steepster. In fact, without the people of Steepster, 52Teas wouldn’t even be in existence now because it was with the support of the Steepster community that helped to fund the Kickstarter start-up for us to take over the company two and a half years ago.

I understand if our tea blends are not your thing. They aren’t everybody’s thing. But there are many who do like what we do here – and it is for those people that I started this thread – and the similar worded thread from last year.

I meant the comment was redundant, not the promotion. I just said “I meant no offense,” after re-posting a comment “I didn’t mean it as an accusation, more as feedback…” Almost by definition posting nearly identical words one set after the other is redundant.

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Aside from the post.

Ever hear of Christmas in July?

Also don’t you mean Winter is coming?
(GoT ftw!)

52Teas said

Haha – I don’t watch GoT (believe it or not!) My husband has been trying earnestly to get me to watch, and I did watch the first season but I could NOT handle Joffrey. He irritated me so much. I do like the dragons though – and I understand that Joffrey was finally killed but I haven’t taken the time to sit down and catch up after learning that news.

You gotta watch!! If you have the time, catch up!! So good!
I hated Joffrey too, but there’s some other characters that are worst then him….

52Teas said

Oh great – that sounds encouraging! haha!

I do plan on watching – I told Mat I would sit down and watch the previous seasons before the next season starts. I plan to stick to the promise so long as time permits me to do so. :)


I’ll check out your promo by the old gods and the new.
(Another GoT reference lol)

52Teas said

Thanks! And if I get into the show, I might just craft a fandom tea or two at some point. :)

52Teas said

OH – and PS, I just visited your profile – I saw that you wrote a note on the Breville One-Touch. I absolutely love mine. I’ve had a unit for over six years now, the first one that I had, the jug broke and Breville replaced it for me with a refurbished unit. I broke the jug again and they weren’t able to replace it a second time but they offered me a nice discount on the replacement purchase. They have really exceptional customer service! I can’t speak highly enough of Breville.

If you do make a GoT ill buy it!!! I’m a huge GoT fan!!

Ah, I love mine! How did you clean yours? i use a lemon and squeeze juice and boil it. i let the water cool and clean it with the soft side of the sponge. i havent trued the revive tea cleaner since i got one. i try to clean the tea basket with dawn it cleans the basket but hard to get the edges. I clean it every other two weeks depending on what tea I make. I use mine everyday until I run out of loose tea.

Also, what are some signs that the One Touch(Direction) lol wasn’t working?

52Teas said

When I happen to have a lemon on hand, I’ll cut that in half and squeeze the juice into the jug and then put the squeezed half of lemon in the jug too – and I’ll set that on boil/10 minute steep. Then I clean it with a sponge. That does a pretty nice job. However, I think I actually prefer to use a generous sprinkling of baking soda into the filled jug (I also sprinkle some into the basket) and set it to boil/10 minute steep. That does the best job of any thing other than the commercial cleaner that came with the last unit that I bought – the Revive stuff. When I used that – the unit looked brand new again. I just haven’t taken the time or shelled out the money to purchase more of it because the baking soda does a fairly decent job of it. I’ll probably get more Revive eventually and use that every once in a while, using the baking soda in between.

For me, what the sign was is that the glass jug shattered. The unit I had the longest (over 4 years) still was going strong otherwise. So the biggest drawback of the device is that glass jug – because it’s not something that is easily replaceable. They don’t offer the glass jug as something that you can buy individually as a replacement – in order to replace the glass jug you have to buy a whole new machine.

I’ll try the baking soda method sometime.

Doesn’t Breville have another tea maker that has a replaceable jug? It pisses me off that you have to buy a brand new machine. They should make the warranty 5 years with that kind of money you have to purchase it!

52Teas said

I don’t know if they have another tea maker with a replaceable jug – at the time that I purchased my first tea maker though, it was the only tea maker on the market like it.

That said, it really isn’t Breville’s fault that glass breaks – and the glass broke through no fault of Breville. The first time, I was clumsy with it (Not intentionally, of course) and the second time, my child was clumsy with it (again, not intentionally.) Accidents happen. I was grateful that the first time they did replace the entire unit with a refurbished one, and the second time, they gave me a generous discount to purchase another.

I see. But still the warrenty should be longer than a year.
We should continue this conversation via PM. I feel like I’m spamming lol.

52Teas said

LOL we hijacked my own thread.

Please resume talking about my 12 Teas of Christmas!!! :)

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Thank you for posting, I always look forward to this announcement! :)

52Teas said

Thank you! :) I appreciate your support!

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VariaTEA said

Yay! This is exciting news. Now to decide if I want to ship to myself in Canada or ship to my Dad in LA and risk getting the teas in January like I did for 2016s 12 teas of Christmas (his fault, not yours). Hmmm…

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Ken said

Okay placed my order.

52Teas said

Thanks, Ken!

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