Jeeves and Jericho?

Does this look weirdly like Andrews and Dunham? Has anyone sampled the wares?

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That is so odd!

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Angrboda said

I think it looks good and it’s well within my reach. I’d like to try some of their things.

The tin design is a bit like A&D and the name is as well, but I don’t see any incriminating similarities at all. It’s no closer than if two different companies were both called something where -ty was replaced with -tea. There are lots and lots and lots of those.

A&D have small limited selections which you get in sets. I don’t see anything of that sort here. Had it been a carbon copy of the concept entirely I’d have been concerned.

hey! I resemble that remark! :)

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AJ said

Wow, they ARE similar. Right down to the logo colours. I’m less worried and more excited though, because maybe—just maybe—they’ve got some sort of connection to A&D’s, which would be awesome.

That was my hope too, but I’ve yet to see their tea show up on Steepster so I’ve been a little leery of them.

AJ said


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