$10 off online purchase or BOGO Village Tea Company

Hey loose leaf tea fans. Get $10 off any online order at www.villageteaco.com using the code twittertea at checkout. We’re also doing buy any tea and get strawberry passion white tea or smooth jasmine green tea free. Use code: bogotea.

More flava, less etiquette. Enjoy!!

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I just purchased their Spice Route Chai Pouch and their Sweet Grace Vanilla Fullsize (rooibos). My wife likes Chai. We both want to try some Rooibos. Win win.

$10 discount. Free shipping over $20. No tax. Total: $13 USD. << spoken in New England dialect>> WATA BAA-GIN!

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Enjoying Village Tea Company’s “gentle organic lemon ginger green tea” today, iced. Very nice!

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I got the package yesterday, and we are enjoying both teas! The loose Rooibos came with cloth-like tea bags. Like it.

Very briefly for now: we both liked the Chai, and although my wife doesn’t care for the vanilla rooibos (neither of us have had any rooibos before, unless honeybush counts) I absolutely love it. It may very well be my favorite tea—-at least for the moment—-and I am am pretty much an unflavored green tea person, so that’s saying a lot!. I hope to write the review soon.

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Awesome, thanks for the comments!!

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Tony G. said

Just placed a ‘twittertea’ discount order for the Sweet Grace Vanilla Rooibos and a ‘bogotea’ order for the Royal Organic English Breakfast and the Strawberry Passion white tea. I’m so excited!!! NOTE: when you enter the ‘bogotea’ coupon code, there isn’t a little drop down box that appears and lets you choose between the Strawberry Passion or Smooth Jasmine, you have to go add either one of them to your cart for the discount to be applied.

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Can we use both codes at the same time?

I don’t believe you can: I think only one can be used at a time. When I entered the ‘twittertea’ code in the discount code box, it disappeared, and there seemed to be no way to enter another. : (

It sounds like @Tony G. placed two orders.

@Tony G.?

Tony G. said

Correct. I placed two orders.
I got my orders in the mail on Friday, and I am VERY pleased!
I’ve tried the Sweet Grace Vanilla Rooibos and the Strawberry Passion white tea already (see my tasting notes). Delicious! I have yet to try the Royal Organic English Breakfast, but I’m looking forward to having it for breakfast tomorrow =)

Thank you both for your help

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Thanks for all the comments. We have fixed the promo code issue and you can now use both bogotea and twittertea on your online orders!!

Thanks! Worked like a charm

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matthiaswh said

Just a note for VillageTeaCo: those signup/login links in the top right should probably be removed! There is no need for anyone to register on your Wordpress setup I think. It also might confuse someone looking to make an account with you in order to make a purchase. (I guess you allow users to register in order to comment on / review teas, still, I find the login & signup links confusing.)

Oh, and upgrade Wordpress :-) Being the most popular content management platform also makes it the most targeted for malicious hacks, so you really should be running the most stable security updates.

Enough about that! We received our strawberry passion white tea and ginger orange / ginseng oolong. I’m still figuring out the steep times/temperatures, but they are both very good teas. Shipping times were great also (I think 3 days from order to arrival). I’m going back for some chai this week.

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Thanks for the thoughts Matthiawh:)

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I really like your packaging, your teas, your fun discounts, and even the new pictures on your website (the ones with the flowers in them look very inviting)!

If you are open for a suggestion, I have something to offer.

Just about every online tea retailer I have bought from has some way for me to check the progress of my order online, such that I can see when it has been shipped and be able to track the progress of my package once it has been shipped. For various reasons, I like to have an idea of when the package is going to arrive at my doorstep. If you can do this on your website, I missed it.

Based on my experience with Village Tea Company so far, I will likely order from you in the future (provided you still have some fun discount code, that is). Could you add to your website a way to track the progress of an order?

Yes that would be very helpful as I placed my order on the 12th, received a receipt of my order through PayPal and Village Tea Co, and nothing else. I have no idea if my order is being processed, has shipped, has fallen through the cracks…

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