World Tea East

Are any other Steepster folks attending World Tea East 9/9 – 9/10 in Philadelphia?

Also inquiring after meet-ups….I know there is a meet-up on Saturday evening (I have to catch a train when that takes place). But I was wondering if anyone would like to grab dinner on Friday night?

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I am going!
Saturday i am modeling at Dorians Parlor but friday is free :)

Excellent. Where would you suggest going – tea related?

well, we’ll have to check times but;
tbar teas for a start

Glamorosi said

I’m guessing they’ll be represented at the convention, but if you are looking for a tea shop to visit while you’re in Philly Premium Steap is wonderful and the owner is very knowledgeable. It’s between Chestnut and Walnut on 18th.

(I don’t work for them, I’m just a customer)

Last I knew they mostly were a retail store not sit and eat/drink…but yes there is premium steep, ramdom tea house, cups and chairs, and another that is slipping my mind

Glamorosi said

Yes, I know Premium Steap (unique spelling) isn’t a sit and eat/drink – I meant to start a separate post in this thread instead of attach to yours.

Login or sign up to post a message. and the team will be there. Booth #101, tell them Sean and Shade Tree sent you!

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Glamorosi said

I had such a wonderful time at World Tea East – John Harney gave me tea!

I have a recap with photos on my blog:

Love your coverage of World Tea East!
I went to the Aiya page and watched their wonderful 20 minute video on making matcha tea, which was really well done. Glad to see they are doing retail sales in the US now.
Nice to see the new companies as well as the old. I wish they would hold one of these Tea events in Miami, maybe in conjunction with one of the many food festivals… :)

Glamorosi said

Thank you E Alexander Gerster, I appreciate it. I had a blast and learned so much at World Tea East – I’m happy people are reading my blog post about it.

Aiya really is a good product. I’m glad I had a chance to taste their matcha and I can’t wait to buy some.

Maybe you can head out to World Tea Expo in Las Vegas. World Tea East was such a great event I’m seriously thinking about going.

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Summary of my time at #WorldTeaEast – educational and fun – read more here:

If you can make it to World tea expo, do it!

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Tea Trade said

AmazonV – just saw your reply with your link. Didn’t know you’d also blogged about WTE. Some days ago I wrote a post with a list of writers who blogged about World Tea East. I’ve now added you too.
Glamorosi you’re already on it.
For anyone else, if you’re interested, take a look at who blogged about this Expo. I’ve also included photo and video links. If you know of anyone else to add, please let me know!
Thanks – Jackie

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