Tea crushes- do you get them?

Every once in a while, I stumble upon a tea that talks, walks and looks great… it seduces me, convinces me to do things I would never normally do, and leaves me staring dreamily at the wall like a moony teenager.
Then I flirt with my tea crush the next day, and well… the it’s gone “cold” on me! The fun, charming, lovable traits I found in it before are simply gone, or less inviting at the very least and I feel used after having been duped into proudly carrying around an average cuppa steaming liquid, even making my poor peers suffer through a sampling.
Finally, when I realize my folly, there’s a smug bag of tea roosting happily in my cupboard only it has no idea it’s fate is to remain there for all of time, or until I take pity and release it to some other unsuspecting tea victim. Beware! Your cupboard space is at stake here. and be careful about teaware, I hear they’re even more ruthless.
So, fellow tea “lovers”, am I the only one to have been taken for a steep under false promises of caffeinated tastebud tingles and left with regrets??

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SimplyJenW said

Let’s just say I am not a stranger to buyer’s remorse in my tea journey. Usually, though, there is a drinker for every tea, so I rehome it. Or sometimes I mix it into something I will drink. I have even (gasp!) thrown some out on occasion. I know you are supposed to get wiser as time goes on, but I have not really found that to be the case. The regretted tea purchases are just fewer, but they might cost more, so it evens out in a bad way.

Yeah I try to foster them out as well… but there are some that don’t deserve even that!
One of the many reasons I’ve stayed away from online purchases- those scare me, a whole whack of tea I know nothing about! unless it’s already been reviewed here of course :)

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I’ve had my share of relationships, some end mutually, some are outgrown, but I have had my share of relationships in which I was burned. Perhaps I can’t be trusted to pick a match for myself but often times I don’t see it coming. I mean we hit it off, have some laughs, enjoy each others company and then its like BAM! Done. No warning just your cut off and I never want to see you again.

Sadly this has happened recently, I’m about to share a terrible tale of woe, I warn you if you are to continue reading prepare to have your heart strings pulled out of their sockets and tears will probably ensue, if you have a heart. Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of … I can’t believe you really thought I was going to go all Gilligan’s Island on you.

About a year or so ago I met a beautiful young lady, her name was Silver Needle. Absolutely gorgeous, she always smelled delightful, incredible complexion, smooth as silk texture and she tasted lik … will a gentleman shall not delve into such graphic details. But I was in love, from the first moment I laid eyes on her I knew that she was the one, where had she been all my life. All my friends warned me, they said no, she’s a white tea, wild, unpredictable, pleasure seeking and unreliable. it was too late, I didn’t care, I was in love with the wild vixen of the tea world.

We had a great run, a lot of fun, it was magical, then something happened, not sure what, but things cooled off between us. I don’t think either of us caught it at first but we just started to drift, then I began to see that things were in trouble and something had to be done if we were to save our relationship. So I quickly ran out and bought a couple ounces a month ago, was so excited, I figured this was the rejuvenation we needed, it would be young innocent love all over again.

I don’t blame her, I should have seen the signs coming, should have done .. something. But it was too late, my feeble attempts were meet with sour rejection. She had moved on, left me for better taste buds, I was devastated, didn’t know what to do, how to move on or if I could ever love again. My heart had been seared, could it ever be healed and love again.

I still don’t know, I have however meet someone, I’m taking it very slow and we’re keeping it quite for the time being as to prevent rushing into anything. I will say that she is wonderful, delicate, patient and just what this shattered heart needed if he was ever going to pick up all the pieces.

MegWesley said

I don’t know whether I need to hug you for this or if I just need to fawn over the bittersweet (sweet for me) tale of rejection.

ssajami said

Tha t was….(sniffle, sniffle)…so very sad…(sob sob)…..
You are gifted with words, and deserve a good, loyal tea

Javan said

A truly wonderful reply, and so true to life! Maybe Jasmine will deign to comfort you next.

ahhh what is life if not for a little heartbreak?? Seattle Tea Snob, you made my day :)

Azzrian said

So cute! Loved this!

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I get suckered in by the smell of some teas that sadly DO NOT taste as amazing when made. There have been a few of these thankfully and all from one store (bet you can guess). But I do try to rehome the tea I find I don’t like because I really hate throwing it away.

I try to send them out to friends as well… but if it’s a truly bad tea, well I just don’t know what to do with it! I’d feel too guilty inflicting that on some poor tea lover

True, but sometimes one tea lover’s trash is another’s treasure.

yup, that’s what I keep telling myself! funny, there are some teas that people think I am so strange for liking, and others I could never imagine willingly consuming, let alone enjoying!

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I dive into things so very quickly and obsessively. But I never have regrets. The fiery passion will settle down but is never lost. At least not in memory.

amen to that! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done the same.

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I’m going through this right now. I got a 4oz bag of the Darjeeling that got me back into tea and going down the endless tunnel of loose leaf options. I loved it, it was wonderful, so very good. We met and I fell for it so hard!

Now I make a cup and can barely drink it. It’s just awful to me and I still have almost all the 4oz left. I’ll likely re-home it now.

ahhh funny how that works! I hope you find it a good home :)
—maybe it will find a palate to tantalize…

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chaijeeyah said

Milk Oolong is my first tea crush.

was one of mine to!!!

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Ninavampi said

@Indigobloom- I have to say that I loved reading this topic. I love the way you started it… I have to agree that I feel like if tea were a human, he/she would be a huge flirt that would drive me nuts… Surely would continuously have me falling in love and then disgruntled and madly in love again… I can just imagine…

Yeah… I am happy that tea is a drink, not a beautiful human…

lol thanks Ninavampi, I was pretty frustrated at the time!
and yes, if tea were human, I’d be in BIG trouble :P

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Alphakitty said

This is a great topic, I think most tea drinkers have had “love at first click” regrets at least once! Usually with online stores, when the name just sounds too good to be true. I got a tea crush on Adagio’s White Cucumber—I read the reviews, I knew it wouldn’t be what I wanted, but the name combined with the description on their site… it was love. Or just tea lust, because when I actually drank it… bleurgh. Now I have 1.5 ounces sitting in my cupboard and I am contemplating what to do with them. There’s got to be some way to make the love come back!

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Azzrian said

Has happened to me on several occasions! That first cup is pure joy – excitement – that “where have you been all my life” feeling. Then next time I find that there is absolutely NO magic! I usually blame myself – must have steeped too long, too short, too much leaf, not enough leaf, etc.
It’s not too old, It’s the same batch from the same bag!
Was it my mood at the time? Was I eating something that helped bring out different flavors? Was something else going on in my life that made everything just seem amazing (doubtful haha). Maybe I was just excited at a totally new flavor or note. Humm no I have had other teas with the same make up before. So what IS it that causes this phenomena?
I have no answer but I know it has happened to me and its never fun.

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smartkitty said

It happens. But sometimes you find yourself, oddly, in the mood for that tea later on :) I used to be big on Japanese green tea, senchas and gyokuros in particular. For whatever reason, I don’t really love them like I used to. Just never in the mood for the sea-breeze-ness quality anymore. I do go back to them, occasionally, but it’s not the same.

And you’re totally right about teaware eating up space. :P I’ve definitely paid some tuition while learning what constitutes a good yixing. But they’re so pretty, and irresistible! And so are gaiwans! But I’m…completely out of space!

oh don’t get me started on the space issue. Its become an even bigger issue since I started this thread! lol
and now with Teaopia wares going on sale while they transition to Teavana, oh boy am I in trouble! ha!

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