K S said


After a year I just discovered the browse feature. For any one else as unforum skilled as I – go to EXPLORE at the top of the page, then near the bottom of that page click BROWSE to read the latest reviews even of people you aren’t following.

Maybe information like this could go in the FAQ?

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Hooooly cow @K. S. ! How cool! I always wondered what the purpose of the Explore tab was. :-} Thank you!

All I saw when i went to the Explore tab was the text in the upper left, “Right now on Steepster << carriage-return >> A live stream of the latest activity from the Steepster Universe.” I never thought to scroll down. Anyone remember that ad, << Person hits themselves on the head with the palm of their hand >> then says, “I could have had a V-8!”

Being in the FAQ sounds like a great idea to me.

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Angrboda said

The all recent page? Yes, I use that more or less exclusively these days. It’s only the notices page of the dashboard that I bother with. Then when I’ve been away for a while I just use the dashboard with the people I’m following to keep up (or just check the all recent’s first few pages. This varies). Ironically, this has replaced my former obsessive compulsive instinct to try and add everybody, something I gave up on because it was too difficult to keep up with… I guess I’m far too nosy to not do it this way.

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