Confessions an Addict (Teaholics Anonymous)

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This is the perfect post for me today! I feel your plight! I keep on spending money I should not on tea… and every new flavor I try just makes me want to try more. I just fell in love with the Laoshan Black from Verdant and that should have been enough, but I am so tempted to order some of their blends made with that tea now! I can’t stop!

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Ubacat said

I’ve enjoyed reading this old post. It’s given me a bit of reassurance I am not alone and a good laugh at my situation. Against my best efforts my tea cabinet keeps exploding. I feel like that guy in the movie “10th Kingdom” who has a fridge that keeps producing beer. I keep thinking I will eventually settle down with my buying and things will even out. That doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. At least I’m only buying tea and teaware and my purchases haven’t been really high in dollars.

Well you know….it’s not heroin or cocaine, you aren’t hurting anyone and not breaking the law. So if it makes you happy and you can still pay your other bills, I say BUY THE TEA.

I’m so happy you just referenced the 10th Kingdom right now! XD that’s what I think of each time tea stashes come up.

I have also been on a joke of a “no buy” for about three months now. I keep thinking I am making good purchasing decisions (few to no large orders, mostly sample sized bags, etc) but then I realize that the overall ouncage of tea isn’t really going down much, if at all, over time. Woops. I can’t say no to a deal!

Ubacat said

As Marzipan says, it could be worse! I had a friend many years ago who collected Barbie dolls. First it was the basement , then the dining room, then the living room, bedroom, EVERYWHERE. She had a very patient husband but even he was fed up.

mrmopar said

I collect puerh tea….

Uniquity said

OMG, the 10th Kingdom! I loved that show! I had it on VHS, haha.

“Buy the tea” if you can drink it before it goes stale! I can’t tell you how many teas I ended up ditching because they lost all their flavor from sitting around too long. That is not a good tea addiction. sniff

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carol who said

I’m so glad you un-earthed this thread. Hysterical!! I love all the people in the forum that are “enabling” us… we are all truly addicted!

I’m having a tea tasting party for a bunch of other retired teachers tomorrow. I know I have enough tea so we can sample all the main varieties w/o getting in to the more complex teas. But… I still went out and bought more. Bad Carol!

I want to come! :P

Ubacat said

Yes, we are true tea addicts! Wish I was going to your tea party!

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Cwyn said

+1 What a fun read!

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I can control myself when it comes to tea (for the most part) but accessories are another story. I just committed to buying a custom tea tray that I don’t really need at all. It’s going to be so pretty though!

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