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Short Story and then Find Your Own Like of Tea

This is a short but philosophical story.

A gourmets asked a famous chef to make a perfect egg for him. The chef walked into the kitchen, taked out a porcelain dish, wiped some olive oil on the dish, hold the iron clip with the plate on the stove. When the plate is hot, he put a raw egg into it, slowly cooked it, and finally sprinkled with salt.

“Everyone has his own likes, when to stop cooking it, depond on the people who eat, to achieve the different people’s mind, this is the most perfect and only method.” He said.

A cup of own favorite tea has the same principle. We should taste other countries’ teas, the real loose leaf, not tea bags, learn about the real tea culture, then find your own loves. There are so many online shop on the Internet, buy some to taste instead of the supermarket where are almost the mechanized tea bags.

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