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Hey all! I am looking for some teas, preferably low-caffeine or caffeine-free/rooibos/honeybush/fruit infusions/herbal. Im pregnant and trying to limit my caffeine consumption throughout the day, as I drink matcha every morning. I like dessert blends and my favorite flavors are- almond, pecan, hazelnut, chestnut- anything nutty, vanilla and cream, PUMPKIN!!! Banana nut, apple cinnamon… I really dislike hibiscus or tart fruit blends.

Ive searched through: DAVIDsTEA, Fava Tea, Teavana, A Quarter to Tea, Adagio, 52 Teas, The NecessiTEAs, Tea Source, Gryphon Tea Store, American Tea Room, Tea Forte, and Full Leaf Tea. But either came up disappointed or I already ordered what they have for caffeine-free blends. I know there are other companies out there that I just dont know about, so I figured i’d reach out to the Steepster Community!

Id really like some new companies to sift through or even suggestions on some good teas to try!

Thanks :)

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AllanK said

Simpson and Vail is very good and carries 350 teas.

boychik said

Since you like PUMPKIN!!! (really, who doesn’t? I’m a bonified pumpkinholic too!) and are looking for caffeine-free options, I reviewed a pumpkin pie rooibos for the Pumpkinpalooza reviews I’m doing on my tea blog this month. It was a quite balanced pumpkin blend and a good option for a rooibos/honeybush base (the only ones I tried that topped it for me were black teas or yerba mates). It’s a seasonal from , but as I recall, they pulled their autumn seasonals on March 1st last year, leaving quite a few months that it is available. They have some other desserty rooibos blends as well, including apple pie, banana dulce, and lemon meringue.

sara11 said

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