Hello fellow Steepsters!

I just recently received my (small) order from Adagio:
Now, alone these teas have great and not so great qualities, but mixing them together brings the negative notes down quite a few notches, IMO. I was just wondering if anyone else has found some good tea combos?

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MaddHatter said

I am not a keener for DAVIDs Creme Brule rooibos, but mixed with their Coco Chai rooibos it is delish. The overly sweet notes in the creme brule are muted by the spiciness of the chai, and the vanilla caramel taste really compliments the coconut and punches it up a notch!

MaddHatter, I’ve had some of each of these teas sitting on my shelf for months and months that I never feel like drinking. Last night I remembered this idea of yours and combined them, and you’re so right! It tastes like baked goods. Coconut maccaroons or something.

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Creme-Brûlée-Coco-Chai-Rooibos, that sounds awesome!

MaddHatter said

apparently if you mix the Creme Brulee with the Oh Canada blend you get a “french toast” tasting rooibos – though I have not tried it yet.

Uniquity said

Hm, now Creme Bruless and Oh Canada could work for me. I have a small amount of creme brulee and it doesn’t wow me.

MaddHatter said

Uniquity, I am not sure I will ever try it, now that I finally have no more Creme Brulee, I really do not see more of it in my future.

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I am trying a combo of The Tea Table’s Spicy Chai and Harney and Son’s Indian Nimbu. I came up with the blend simply because I happened to only have enough for a half-cup of each. The first thing that came into my head when I smelled the two brewed together was new shoes, lol. Then I smelled it again and was able to detect some of the clove from the chai and a hint of cinnamon. This tea tastes pretty good, I mostly taste the spicy chai and there is a slightly bitter aftertaste but overall it was a nice cup.

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SimplyJenW said

I thank BigFatTEA for posting this. I now have a tin of FRANKEN CHAI. I had about an ounce and a half of one kind, and just started dumping the remains of about four different samples into it. I even changed the label. And the cool part, it could be ever evolving in flavor, but never duplicated. IT IS ALIVE!

I also mix teas as the mood hits. And it hits often. In my early days of loose leaf, I even had a blending kit made up of many flavored teas from Adagio (all in little square tins). For each cup I would add a little of this and that and take good notes. There were are few that I really ended up liking at the time. I did not do any formal blends for sale there, though. I mostly blended them for myself and it was cheaper to just mix them myself, since I usually had the tea on hand.

Lol, FRANKEN CHAI, I love it! :)

MaddHatter said

It could be ever evolving in flavor, but never duplicated. IT IS ALIVE!


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Ninavampi said

Teavanas’ Matevana wasn’t great to me… But for some random reason I mixed it with the Teavana Chai/Chai mix and it tasted exactly like a Cinnamon roll with nuts in it! I was sooo surprised! I might even order it again one day (though I still have almost all of my 2oz…)

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Plunkybug said

While I like both teas, I do like to mix DAVIDs Toasted Walnut with Happy Kombucha. The oolong of the latter helps produce multiple steeps, and the fruits in both teas are tropical, so they marry well. I find this blend is pretty awesome as an iced tea.

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