Novy said

Green tea or Black tea?

which one do you prefer? This is a questionnaire started from the Teamaster of per-tea. I perfer green tea, and you?

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I like all kinds of tea except ripe Puerh XD

Any particular reason? Asking because i’m a newbie to Puerhs.

EloGallHdz said

I started drinking green tea, which I really love~!! :D Just around a half a year ago, a friend gave me some black teas that a have come to enjoy. In addition, this semester I am taking a class named “Tea Cultures in Asia” which, as the name describes, is about tea and its influence, use and culture in the different countries of Asia. The teacher has brought us so many different kinds of teas, it has been very enjoyable~!! :D :D
So sorry for the rant, but to answer the question: as much as I have come to enjoy black tea, green tea is my go to since it has been the longest a have been drinking and the many memories it brings me every time I drink it~.Plus, being an artist, I tend to work insane hours, so green tea gives I nice boost which is not as overpowering as coffee, in my opinion.

Ken said

I generally prefer black tea over green if those are the only choices. That being said, I do love a good sencha, and oolong and puerh are always a nice choice.

Though put me in front of a high mountain ceylon and Ill be just lovely.

Each has its place! However, I have been more partial towards green tea derivative teas as of late, including milk based.

YatraTeaCo said

Probably not the answer you are looking for, but I cannot choose one type of tea over another.

Usually during the morning and through the day, I’ll drink black teas. Perhaps a strong Assam in the morning, and a lighter, floral First Flush Darjeeling in the afternoon.

Green tea is my go to in the evenings, especially after dinner. A Chinese gunpowder green type tea is what I’ll usually opt for.

I need both types!

ThirdBass said

Hi all :) New here and I definitely like green tea more. Black tea seems to upset my stomach, especially first thing in the morning. Loose leaf green tea is lovely and I feel great after drinking it!

YatraTeaCo said

Do you drink the black tea on an empty stomach? I cannot drink a medium to full bodied black tea on an empty stomach (I do fine with spring Darjeeling and Nepal teas). However, if I eat something prior to, or at the time of drinking said tea, I am fine.

Wholeheartedly agree with how green tea makes you feel! I feel people who aren’t used to brewing/drinking green tea often dismiss it as too bitter because they use boiling/near boiling water, or too much leaf, or steep for too long, or in most cases, some combination of those factors. However, once you figure out how to brew the tea to suit your taste profile it is very enjoyable!

ThirdBass said

Yes, my issue is drinking it on an empty stomach! It’s only teabag blacks that make me sick. Loose Chinese hong cha has been fine, and Taiwanese hong cha also.

Gitana said

I keep passing on this subject because “green or black” is way too simple. But perhaps the question is related to puerh tea? Meaning green = raw or sheng and “black” = fermented or shou?
Otherwise I can not imagine ignoring the rainbow of oxidation levels between “green and black”.

LuckyMe said

Interesting question. I consider myself a green tea aficionado but somehow shou tastes better to me than sheng. Go figure..

onjinone said

Green or black tea is super broad, but I’d say it simply depends on what part of the day or year it is for me because I like all tea types.

Green in the summer or black in the winter if I had to absolutely pick from a high level overview.

I prefer black tea for its body and character. Green tea is too grassy and vegetal for me. After all where I live cold, rainy weather makes most of the year and black tea tastes best during these long, sunless days.

Lion select said

Green tea has a special place in my heart. The closer to raw and unprocessed, the more I tend to appreciate tea, so greens and whites are my usual favorites. More heavily oxidized or roasted teas are great in their own way, but don’t give me the same feelings of connectedness to nature. I’m a nature-lover and green and white teas, some oolongs too, remind me more of being out in the untouched wilderness. The tastes and smells remind me more of things you’d experience in nature.

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