Rasseru said

First UK London Steepster meet!

Has already happened.

It was basically me giving Rui a 7536, then I asked VoirenTea, and she showed, I gave her some tea too, and then Mr Coconutm1lk arrived and we basically drank tea for a few hours.

It was great fun, and totally relaxed.


Next year is the next date, unconfirmed as yet. We will give everyone fair notice. Hopefully this can turn into a thing, please come along and share tea, it will be great. Me & Rui are going to at least meet each other 3-4 times a year.

Other locations suggested are Guildford to meet with GreenTeaGuru. I liked Mei Leaf for its teaware and services, easy to get to for lots of people(?)

Any thoughts or just to check in and say you are interested, please do. :)

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What-Cha said

Congrats on the first meet, looks like you had a fun time. If you don’t mind me sitting in, I would love to join you for the next one.

Rasseru said

You know what Alistair?, I realised on the day I should have invited you. It was only supposed to be me meeting Rui and at the last minute then I asked VoirenTea and he asked Jeremy.

Next time I will do a proper steepster post & private messages to everyone I know uk

There will be a larger time slot

Rui will ask if it can be a regular thing

What-Cha said

It’s quite alright, it would be great to do it potentially as a regular event and there are also a few redditors from London I’ve met and can ask along too.

Rasseru said

Great! Redditors very welcome

we are aiming for every 3 or 4 months. I quite like the idea of it being 4 times a year, keeping it seasonal.

Some people might think its a bit of a commitment, but it was so fun i’d be happy to do it more often than less. Me and Rui made a tea pact to meet and swap more often anyway

Sqt said

Announce it early and maybe I’ll pop over too… London is just under 2 hours away and I haven’t been in a while and am overdue! Hmm. I could meet all my favourite vendors and go home with a suitcase full of tea…

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Please add us to your mailing list. Happy to come up to London from Dorset when we are about.

You can always come down to Dorset. There are a couple of tea shops here now.

PM us for email addresses or whatever contact info you need.

All the best

Rasseru said

will do.

I think we will keep it london for the next one, but I would come to a group tea day with you down in dorset, something to do further down the line :)

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