Tea Swap in Belgium or Europe

Hello Steepsters

i am very new to this forum, have loved tea all my life, but i am getting out of the flavored tea zone, and discovering the finer pure teas. Therefore i have a bunch of Kusmi teas that i no longer drink, and to make room for my new teas i am offering to swap the following:

Kusmi Organic Green Rooibos (with 125g tin)
Kusmi Four red Fruits (with 125g tin)
Kusmi Imperial Label (with 125g tin)

Theres about ½- 1/3 left in them (the original plastic bag in the tin I threw out, so its without that) but there’s about an inch/2-3cm of tea in all tins.

It has to be mentioned that the teas expire by the end of the year, but personally i don’t think that teas expire, they just tend to loose some flavour slowly over the years. or maybe its a marketing scam, dont know.

It’s referable to get it swapped in one swap, to save on the shipping costs.

I am open to what you have, and would love to try something new, but i do really like white teas, green teas and oolongs.

PM me if you’re interested, oh and i live in Belgium

Kind Greetings

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