Approaching 80,000 tasting notes! Woo, hoo!

Who will be the one to break 80K? Will it be you?
Stay tuned to witness this landmark event!

Should we guess on the time based on GMT (Greenwich Mean Time – the time in London. To the best of my knowledge, it is the world wide standard for fixing a time zone to compare all other times to)? I believe it is currently 5:47 PM GMT as of the first draft of this post.

The tasting note count is currently at 79955. I’ll guess between 3AM and 5 AM GMT it will hit 80k.

Anyone else? (and no fair creating notes just to create them!)

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I’d say between 7:30 and 8:30pm, EST — SimpliciTea, I’m not sure how that relates to where you are! It’s 3:05pm now :)

I believe the Eastern Standard Time zone in the US is five hours behind London (until daylight savings time, that is). I am in the Central Standard Time zone (CST)

Here is a map (, just for kicks. : )

btw, its sitting at 79967. That’s a lot of reviews to happen in about fours hours to get to 80k (by your guess). But who knows? It could happen?

It’s a risk, to be sure. However, I figured that many people would be enjoying after dinner teas and might post more frequently around that time. Of course that was also based on my earlier calculation… as when I checked it two hrs ago, it said 79965, which meant it increased by 10 reviews since you had checked it previously. It seems to stop and start so I don’t think it’s an automatic counter.

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SimplyJenW said

6:40am EDT, Sept. 19, 2011. Quite by accident. I was wondering how close I was to the 80000 when I checked right after posting my tasting note this morning, and it was right on. So, 10:40am GMT?

This makes me wonder how accurate the number is. I have seen it go up at least two, but the reviews are not visible above one of mine on the Tasting Notes page since I checked. Maybe the number is correct, but sometimes there is not a tasting note posted. Have you ever just logged a tea and not written anything……and then clicked on your own tealogue? It is there even though you did not write anything, but it does not show up on your dashboard or as a tasting note…. Or maybe I am just overthinking this……

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(Based on your post …) Congratulations! You’ve just logged the 80,000th tasting note! SimplyJenW you just won a brand new shiny … wait a minute, I have nothing to award you with << aw >> other than saying, Way to go! You have logged 409 tasting notes, tons more than my paltry 15. You can always try to wrangle something out of Jason (of course, the bigger event would be breaking 100,000. Maybe he will do something for that one, who knows)?

Regarding the tasting note question, I tried a few things myself. I tried selecting the << Add Tasting Note >> button on the page of a tea, and when the So what’d you think? page came up, I then simply hit << Save this note >> without doing anything else. It increases the number of times I drank it (in my Cupboard), but it also creates a tasting note, which shows up on my Tealog page. Odd thing is, as a tasting note someone can either ‘like’ it or comment on it (I don’t see why someone would want to do either in this case). It seems the way they have it set up, logging that you drank the tea creates the same ‘event’ as writing something about it. Technically, I didn’t leave a ‘note’ per se on it, so it I don’t see why it effects the total number of tasting notes. I just checked it, and at least on the Tealog page, it counts every one of my ‘drank’ events as a ‘Tasting Note.’ So it likely impacts the total Steepster tasting notes. Hmmmm

<< Said in a humorous manner >> I’ve been misled!

Well, so much for the relevance of precise counts, eh?!

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