Dr Jim said


I apologize for the long delay in sending this out. I’ve had a lot on my plate in the last couple of months and this was one of the things I let fall off the back burner. I hope to send the box out within the next week, and so this is the last chance to sign up.

The box will be limited to people who have a significant history on Steepster. I’m less sensitive to this for the companion box (puerh plus), which is now making the rounds.

If you are interested, please 1) answer this post, including the state you live in; and 2) be sure you are following me. Due to the long delay, Please respond to show continued interest even if you are on the list below.

Current participant list (in order of delivery):
Obritten MN
Babble NV
Tperez FL
Liquid Proust OH
Rich FL

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Rich select said

I’m in. NY.

If nobody has a problem with me joining, I would love a week here… Maybe get Sanders down here to join as well.

Dr Jim said

You certainly meet the criteria

That might work. Just let me know.

dhoni said

I really happy to find your post and i have felling good after read this post because it providing good information. Thank you for sharing this post.


tperez said

I’ll join in!

Babble said

I’ll definitely join. I’m in Nevada.

BUMP : )
I have put some GREAT stuff to the side for everyone ;)

I have a pile of teas for this box sitting here… so here’s bump 2 : )

obritten said

I guess I’ll join in for another round :) I got some awesome teas to share as well. I’m pretty excited to see what LPs got for us! Appreciate the fact that Dr Jim continues to put in the time to set these up and further the west’s small but growing understanding of pu

Dr Jim said

See updated first post. This is finally going out. It’s at the top of my to-do list (well, near the top anyway).

tperez said


Dr Jim said

I mailed to box to Obritten on Tuesday. Hopefully he has received it by now.
I took 85 grams, mostly in 3-4 g samples. I added the following:
18 g 2015 Lao Man E – Banzhang tea co King Tea
14 g 1990’s Hong Kong Style W2T
16 g 2015 Bulang Vesper Chang
10 g 2004 Yiwu Big Leaf Mandala
15 g 2005 Tsang Liu YQH
13 g 2011 4 Peaks Lo Man E Tea Urchin
23 g 2013 Bao Tang Tea Urchin
14 g 2017 Plum Gold Bitterleaf

obritten said

Hey everyone yes I received the box on Thursday! I’ve been crazy busy with work/school but will be getting through it over the next couple days. I’ll be sending it on to the next person probably Thursday or so. Thanks!

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