Nepal Tea Tour

Hi Steepsters!

We are really excited to announce our first Nepal Tea Tour! We are headed to the Himalayas for an amazing tea adventure. Dates have not been finalized yet, but we plan to make the journey late September to early October, 2018.

Come explore Kathmandu, and learn to make authentic chai. Learn all about Nepalese tea by traveling to the tea gardens of Ilam and Hile, and meet the incredible people that produce some of the worlds best teas.

Read the full itinerary here:

See you out on the tea road!

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We have set the dates for our Nepal Tea Tour! Join us September 29th – October 9th, 2018 for an amazing adventure through Nepal’s beautiful tea gardens!

See you out on the tea road!

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Reserve your spot now on our Nepal Tea Tour – September 29th – October 9th.

We will be exploring small, family run, hand-made tea farms, large international exporting factories, temples, small mountain towns, and Nepal’s exciting capital, Kathmandu. We are also offering trekking, safari, and adventure sport extensions to make the most of your Nepal adventure!

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