Steepster Select #002 Discussion - October 2011 (SPOILERS)

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I love this box. I can not stop drinking it. Then again oolong is my Fave. The gaian is been to use this week:)

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april-girl said

I love these teas! I keep changing my mind about which one I like the best. At first, my favorite was actually a toss up between Tie Guan Yin and Da Hong Pao, with TGY leading slightly. Then I began to like DHP the best. However, I’m now hooked on Dong Ding. It tasted bitter at first. Modifying the steeping time did the trick and WOW I love the taste. Drinking Dong Ding while eating fresh fruit brings out delicious notes in the tea that aren’t discernible when drinking the tea alone. The October teas are definitely winners!

Oolong ROCKS!

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