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"Bengal Tea", early-1980s imported brand

Back around 1980 (possibly available earlier) there was a tea bag product in the imported foods section of the supermarket called Bengal Tea. The box had a sort-of children’s book illustration of a tiger on it. The tea had a slightly sweet flavor to it (sugar beet, perhaps?), and a deep reddish-brown color.
I’m guessing this product/variety of tea was sold under another name in India, probably inexpensive. Clearly “Bengal Tea” is no longer available, but would anyone have any idea what it was, and if it’s still sold under another title?
I don’t believe this was the same product as the current Celestial Seasonings variety Bengal Spice (although I have not tried it). That definitely was not the brand — it was an import, and the box was vertical, not horizontal.
Thanks in advance!

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