Salvaging moldy sheng

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Temps in low 70s I’ve brushed off the suspicious substance and cut away most of the tea in its vicinity and am drinking that first. The rest I’m airing out in a dry cabinet an monitoring closely…

Cwyn said

I’m not sure what the wrappers are, but I have had blue and green ink powder onto other cakes before. But this has happened mainly with thick ink designs.

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If you have a crock that you suspect is contaminated with mold spores, run it through a dishwasher or sanitize it with bleach.

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Done…I’m letting the tea air/dry out a few months before rehydrating it. No mold has grown back yet and I’ve cut away the affected area and drinking them first…

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Don’t listen to advice to cut or break off mold and then consume the "good’ parts. Mold spores go very deep. Same goes for other foods. Just toss it. It’s ruined, lost.
Edit: talking about the dangerous types of a mold of course.

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A bit late to the party but i think that unless you can tell with absolute certainty what kind of mold you are dealing with the tea should be tossed. Just looking at the color of the mold won’t tell you much and scraping/drying/breaking it away wont remove the potential toxicity.

Aren’t some types of puerh supposed to have mold? From what I’ve read some white or yellow spots are normal and safe. But I have just discovered teas other than green and black so I’m still learning all this stuff.

If it’s “golden flowers” in hei cha than it’s fine.

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AllanK said

I have seen sellers intentionally sell cakes that have a certain amount of white mold on them, but I personally avoid these cakes. I think I got moldy cakes three times total. All three sellers gave me a refund although one, a US seller made me ship it back to him. This was only a little annoying because the seller paid the return shipping.

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