Soft opening for DeRenTea online shop

check out our new online tea shop. Grand opening is set for Oct 1. But we are open for business now. More products to be added over the next few days.

follow us on Twitter @derentea for product and sales updates.

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Thanks for the info. Ordered some sample packs and free samples. Can’t wait to try and see if I find new favorites!

Thank you very much. Your order will go out first thing tomorrow morning.

Just got my shipment and am about to try the Bi Luo Chun. Thanks so much for the extra sample! That always causes me to give a store an extra thumbs-up!

Just finished trying it. It was very good!!

Thank you for trying our tea. I am happy to hear that you like it.

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I am interested in purchasing from you, but first I have a question for you.

I looked at your website and I could not find any contact information.

Do you have an e-mail address?

Thank you for point it out. I think that’s why we need soft opening right? =)
We just added those info to the About Us tab.

Great. Thank you!

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If I didn’t have to finish what I have, I’d so be buying some now! great shipping rate to Canada :)

Thank you. Don’t forget to order some free samples on your next purchase.

Thank you. Don’t forget to order some free samples on your next purchase.

definitely! :)

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Angrboda said

Can you give me an estimate on shipping to Europe? I assume it’s charged by wait of packages since nothing else is mentioned. Let’s say about 100g package to Denmark?

I don’t need it to be super accurate. I just want to know if it would be more or less than about $15

Yes, shipping to Denmark would cost about $15 for about 100g of tea + the weight of the box and packaging material. And it takes about 6-10 business days.

Angrboda said

Alright… That’s riiiight on the edge of what I’m willing to pay for shipping, so I’ll have to think about this some more. Thank you.

Are there no online tea shops in Denmark? I mean paying $15 to ship 100g of tea is EXPENSIVE. But that’s the lowest we can find from all the couriers out there. We would love to have your business but we wouldn’t feel good charging you $15 bucks for shipping. We know there are online tea shops based in England and other European countries. Maybe shipping from there would be cheaper. It’s worth checking.

Angrboda said

Oh don’t worry, there are plenty of shops available to me and I use them. :) That just doesn’t mean I don’t get curious about shops that aren’t available to me as well, which is why shipping info is always the first thing I look for when discovering a new shop. I have set my absolutely cut-off shipping rate at $15 on principle, and if it’s more than that, I simply don’t bother looking at their stock. No use in tormenting myself.

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Perhaps I have a few teas that would interest you on then click on “Tea Shop” for a list of products. My shipping costs are very reasonable. Just a thought. Thanks!

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Grand opening for us today. Oct 1, 2011

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Nicole said

Have tried a few of the teas I purchased – thus far, I like them. Nice, easy to navigate website, super fast shipping. I’ll be keeping an eye on your stock, that’s for sure. You have been bookmarked. :)

Thank you. We’ll keep everyone updated about new arrivals.

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I have viewed and registered on your site and have placed the Tie Guan Yin Green Style #11tgy02) sampler and 30z on wish list. Funding are non existent for me right now. However,

I do wish you best in all things to do with tea.

Thank you. We are happy we get to know another writer who loves tea. We wish you the best in your writing career too.

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Dinosara said

I just wanted to say that I was impressed with how fast my order came, and thanks for the extra free sample, especially since I just ordered one sample pack and some free samples. I really look forward to trying the teas!

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I just got my order today. Came in a sturdy box. I order 2oz of Golden Osmanthus and 2oz of Semi-Wild Yulan. Both tea smell really fresh from the foil pack. I tried the free sample Bi Luo Chun while I made dinner. Yum! I like fresh green tea. Well, I didn’t order green tea this time because many online tea retailer don’t offer green tea that’s fresh enough, and DeRen is a new retailer. So I didn’t want to take a chance. To my surprise, this one is different. It’s definitely fresh enough for my taste. Everything is good so far. I’ll try the Yulan dancong later tonight.

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