Butiki Teas-Sales (Ends Nov 15th): Champagne & Rose Cream, Sourenee, Coconut Cream Pie, Bancha!

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Bonnie said

I make a refreshing drink that’s lemon-lime and cucumber and spearmint that I wish someone would make into a tea…hint. I copied it from a Greek Restaurant. Yo Stacy!

Sil select said

Mmmm lemon-lime that alone makes me happy but the cucumber and spearmint sounds really interesting as additions.

That does sound really interesting Bonnie. I used to make strawberry cucumber water. That is so good. We were going to do a key lime pie but it is supposed to be a rooibos. :(

Helena said

well I don’t like cucumber but the rest sounded interesting. I love lemon-lime teas as they are really good hot, cold or cool :D

Bonnie said

Wah…but it’s ok Stacy, you have plenty of other tea’s that I’m not allergic to. Hey, there’s a place in Denver that makes lots of dishes out of tea and grinds Rooibos up to a powder and added to pancakes and stuff http://youtu.be/_LoSzkxixj0 here’s a video but the subscribe button has 39 recipe video’s with other tea’s also. (I can’t stop going Hey…about Colorado Tea resources) Shameless Me!

Very interesting. Thanks for the link! I might have to try that with my pancakes. Yums. I still need to try making a tea rub for my tofu.

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Pineapple Oolong going on sale would grab me for sure. :) But any kind of blanket discount like on a group of similar teas (flavored blacks, oolongs, seasonal, purple, etc.) would suck me in as well. I’m with the others – shipping gets me first off, but I understand it’s difficult to do through Paypal. :)

Pssst, Pineapple Oolong is still on sale but not for much longer. http://www.butikiteas.com/On%20Sale.html. Looks like we might be trying free shipping next by refunding shipping.

Doh! I need more tea like I need a hole in the head, but I do need more pineapple oolong! I shared my last order and it is perilously low already.

Does your pumpkin creme brulee black tea have ginger? I didn’t see that it did, but I was going to get it for my mother who is allergic to ginger and since it is a common pairing with pumpkin I just wanted to be sure.

I didn’t add any ginger flavoring or ginger pieces. To be on the safe side I can check the flavorings on Monday to make sure they are free of ginger but I’m pretty sure they are.

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tigress_al said

Those new teas look great!
I agree with Sil, 2 for 1 would be a great sale!

Thanks! Good to know. I’m going to be compiling all the answers and will try out any suggestions that are doable.

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Just a little FYI, today is the last day of our current sale. Both the Pineapple Oolong and Mi Xian Black are excellent. The Cider Guayusa is also quite tasty. Tomorrow we will start a free shipping for US & Canada and discounted shipping for international at the $40 purchase range.

Sil select said


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For one week, we are offering free shipping for orders that total $40 or more for our US and Canadian customers. For our international orders that total $40 or more we are offering up to $8.00 off of shipping charges or up to $10 off shipping charges for purchases $60 and above. Since we are using a PayPal system, we will have to collect the money for shipping then refund the charges. This offer is valid only for tea, shipping charges will apply for teawares and teawares do not count towards the $40 purchase requirement. Offer ends Tuesday, September 4th. http://www.butikiteas.com/On%20Sale.html

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Added to our website:

Anxi Tie Guan Yin-Our prized handpicked Anxi Tie Guan Yin originates from Anxi in the Fujian province in China and comes from the Lin family tea farm. This delicate yet complex premium oolong beautifully weaves orchid, honey, peach, and vanilla bean notes together and leaves a long lasting sweet fresh mint and fruity aftertaste. Our premium oolong has a rich, creamy, buttery texture with a silky quality. http://www.butikiteas.com/Oolong.html

Coconut Cream Pie Rooibos (Re-envisioned)-Our new coconut cream pie blend has a much stronger and creamier coconut flavor. The rooibos adds a light graham cracker crust flavor that quickly develops into a rich creamy coconut flavor that lingers. This rooibos is a perfect guilt free dessert and a fantastic finish to any meal. http://www.butikiteas.com/Rooibos.html

We will be taking down our Summer Vacation Sampler next week. http://www.butikiteas.com/Samplers.html

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About 4 1/2 more hours until our free shipping on orders $40 or more for US/Canadian customers or discounted international shipping ends. New sales coming soon!

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2 Hour warning, we are removing our Summer Vacation Sampler. http://www.butikiteas.com/Samplers.html

Sil select said

Aaaah! Must. Go. Order. Now.

Nik select said

Eep! Thank you for the warning!

Nik-You’re welcome!

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New SALE-Ends Oct 5th!!! Watermelon Xylophone, O Huangshan Mao Feng & Coconut Cream Pie!

Check out our sales here: http://www.butikiteas.com/On%20Sale.html

Coconut Cream Pie Rooibos (Re-envisioned)-30% OFF
Our new coconut cream pie blend has a much stronger and creamier coconut flavor. The rooibos adds a light graham cracker crust flavor that quickly develops into a rich creamy coconut flavor that lingers. This rooibos is a perfect guilt free dessert and a fantastic finish to any meal. Rooibos is naturally caffeine-free and originates from South Africa. SALE!!! Our Coconut Cream Pie is now 30% off until October 5th, that’s just $3.50 an ounce!

Organic Huangshan Mao Feng-24% OFF
Our Organic Huangshan Mao Feng originates from Huangshan in the Anhui province in China and is grown in the Huangshan Sungta organic tea garden. The emerald colored leaves of this gentle green tea have fresh vegetal notes and an intoxicatingly sweet scent. This tea is free of astringency and contains sweet pea, artichoke, white corn, and fresh cut grass notes as well as some light Brazil nut notes. Organic Huangshan Mao Feng is a buttery green that has a surprisingly weighty body and yet is refreshing and juicy. SALE!!! Our Organic Huangshan Mao Feng is now 24% off until October 5th, that’s just $4.00 a half ounce!
*I highly recommend this one!

Watermelon Xylophone-27% OFF
This delicate tea pairs our lovely Organic Silver Needle with vibrant amaranth petals and a natural watermelon flavor. We highly recommend drinking this tea warm or with sugar to bring out the natural watermelon flavor. At a high temperature the flavor is not as strong. At a warm temperature, this tea is light and refreshing and starts out with floral and honey notes that quickly develop into juicy watermelon notes that linger. Add a little sugar and the tea bursts with a natural juiciness that tastes like fresh watermelon juice and finishes with floral and honey notes. This batch of Watermelon Xylophone is offered at a reduced rate, since we will be using a new Organic Silver Needle that is more expensive for future batches. For information on how we named this tea, check out our blog. SALE!!! Our Watermelon Xylophone is now 27% off until October 5th, that’s just $4.00 for 1/2 an ounce of tea!

What’s Coming Soon
1. Maple Pecan-with a Nilgiri Frost Oolong base
2. Grapefruit Dragon-with a Dragonwell base
3. Autumn Comfort Sampler-includes, Maple Pecan, Cider Guayusa, Pumpkin Creme Brulee, Almond Indulgence
4. Luxury Sampler
5. Premium Bi Lo Chun

Office Closed-Now through September 10th
All purchases made from now until Monday, September 10th will be mailed out Tuesday, September 11th. For the inconvenience we would like to offer 3 samples of tea of your choice with every purchase. For more info, check here: http://www.butikiteas.com

Sil select said

Is it here yet? How about now? Now? …ooh luxury sampler…

Sil-Hahaha, soon. The Luxury Sampler will contain some of our more expensive teas at a discounted price. We might do tins for them too.

Sil select said

Oh see now you’re just teasing me… Tins!?

We have these small (like 2 inches high), wide tins that we use for our ounce of Wild Purple Buds Puerh. I was thinking, those might be nice for the luxury sampler.

Sil select said

sigh i suppose 6 days is still not “soon” especially since someone let you have a weekend break grinning i kid i kid!

ChaMei select said

I know, Sil. I’ve been lurking the site for the promised samplers and Grapefruit Dragonwell. I also wonder how your trial blending Watermelon Dragonwell tasted, spectacular as the Xylophone is. And Maple Pecan…. Waiting is hard!

mmm I’m totally loading up on Watermelon Xylophone for my next order! However, i really want to get my hands on Maple pecan plus I need to try all the samples I have in case (and probably) I need to order those. Yummmmm!!!!!

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Sil select said

Chamei-I don’t know yet. Sadly shipping to Canada takes forever…. Ugh. That’s partly why I’m anxious for the new blends. Soon I won’t be able to order anything because it will come while I’m away. Don’t want my house sitters taking it! Lol

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