Butiki Teas-Sales (Ends Nov 15th): Champagne & Rose Cream, Sourenee, Coconut Cream Pie, Bancha!

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Sil-I can’t believe I was let out of my cage for a weekend vacation. :D The Grapefruit & Maple Pecan have been blended. I’m just waiting on them settling so we can do the testing, pictures, pricing, description, packaging, etc so they can be added to the website. I’m hoping for Friday or Saturday as long as the first large batches turn out well. We could do Priority Shipping if your worried about the length of time shipping takes but it is a bit more expensive.

ChaMei-You might want to ask Kittenna. She’s tried both the Watermelon Xylophone and the Watermelon Dragonwell. In my opinion Watermelon Xylophone came out much better. I can announce the addition of those 2 teas here immediately after they are added to our website so you won’t have to stalk the site.

Awkward Soul-Shouldn’t be too much longer. Geez, sounds like you have quite a bit of samples to go through.

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Sil select said

Stacy – no worries…not like I don’t have another order coming my way from you….I’m sure SOMEHOW I’ll manage ;)

Hahaha, well there is a nice little sample of the Grapefruit Guranse for you to keep your mind off of the Grapefruit Dragon. ;)

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Now Available

Autumn Comfort Sampler (Maple Pecan Oolong, Almond Indulgence, Pumpkin Creme Brulee & Cider Guayusa): http://www.butikiteas.com/Samplers.html

Grapefruit Dragon (green tea): http://www.butikiteas.com/Green.html

Maple Pecan Oolong: http://www.butikiteas.com/Oolong.html

Earthen Gaiwans-Back in stock and slightly different: http://www.butikiteas.com/Teawares.html

Alphakitty said

FINALLY GRAPEFRUIT! Ordered so so hard, I’m already too excited.

Alphakitty-I hope you like it! :)

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Last day of our current sale! Anyone have any suggestions for teas they would like to see on sale?

Current Sale: http://www.butikiteas.com/On%20Sale.html

Helena said

Maple Pecan
Good Morning Sunshine (always)
Almond Cookie (if you’ve changed the name back yet… if not Almond Indulgence)
Premium Chai

Helena-Thank you for your suggestions! I love the idea of putting the Chai on sale since it is getting cooler. I think we might do that. Probably wont put the Maple Pecan or Almond Cookie on sale since they are part of our Autumn Comfort Sampler. The Good Morning Sunshine is a good possibility for our next sale.

Helena said

hehe you put Good Morning Sunshine on sale that’s where my November shopping goes and chai if you put that on sale!

Just for you, I added the GMS sale. :)

Sil select said

Good Call Helena. Still on vacation but since the sale is still of when I get back I can finally try YOUR tea ;p

Helena said

Excuse me, when I get home I have a few tea orders to make (there went November’s tea budget :D )

Helena said

Put in my order and forgot to pick up the maple oh well I asked Stacy for a sample :D I picked up Good Morning Sunshine and Premium Chai :D

Sil-I’m surprised you haven’t tried it yet, with all of Helena’s promotion of it.

Helena-Can never have too much GMS on hand. :)

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On Sale until October 12th- http://www.butikiteas.com/On%20Sale.html

Grapefruit Dragon-38% off ($4.00 an ounce)
2003 Reserve Four Season Oolong-32% off ($4.25 an ounce)
Anxi Tie Guan Yin-24% off ($4.75 for half an ounce)
Premium Chai-17% off ($6.00 for 2 ounces)
Good Morning Sunshine-16% off ($3.75 an ounce)

Price Reduction
Our Wild Purple Buds Puerh have been reduced in price by 42%.
We have also added a 2012 harvest, so you may choose a 2012 or 2011 harvest. Check it out: http://www.butikiteas.com/Puerh.html

What’s New
Luxury Sampler-Check it out http://www.butikiteas.com/LuxurySampler.html
This includes our Anxi Tie Guan Yin, our Organic Huangshan Mao Feng, and our Mi Xian Black in tins housed in a burgundy organza bag.

We will be running 2 new contests!!! One for flavored tea (this is an interesting contest for us) drinkers and one for plain tea drinkers. We should have something posted within the day.

We are also currently working on a number of new teas and will have some new teas from the Glenburn Estate up shortly as well as a wonderful premium Bi Lo Chun.

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Just a little FYI, we are removing the current sales from the website tonight. They should still be up for a few more hours. Any suggestions for our next sale are welcome.

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Azzrian said

I would like this on sale next http://steepster.com/teas/butiki-teas/28779-premium-taiwanese-assam
Because I need to order it!!!

Well, I was going to do the Congou Keemun but I think I could switch it to the Assam. :) Glad you are enjoying the Assam. Yums!

Azzrian said

:) Thank you! I have not tried the Congou Keemun though so … LOL how about BOTH?

Well, I like to do 2 flavored teas and 2 plain teas and I have both plain teas figured out now but I could do the Congou Keemun next time.

Azzrian said

Sounds good – what flavored teas are you considering?

I only have Peach Oolong for sure.

Azzrian said

Has Exotic Pear been on sale recently?
Almond Indulgence may be craved more now with the cold weather coming in but you could boost sales of the more summery teas with a sale too.

I like your Pear idea. I’m going to do that. The Almond Indulgence is in our Autumn Comfort Sampler and I tend not to put teas on sale that are available in samplers. Good ideas. Thanks for the input.

Azzrian said

Anytime! I like giving other people ideas for their work – helps me while waiting on work of my own lol

Well thank you, it is much appreciated! :)

You guys are killing me!!! Or should I say my wallet in the future. Azzrian you sure read my mind. These are perfect suggestions!

Kittenna said

Hmm. None of the teas I want look like they will be one sale, and Good Morning Sunshine is the only tea on my list that is currently on sale. Wallet says: delay order!

Any new blends/teas coming out in the near future? My order was only at $57 anyway…

Pureleaf-Glad you like the sale suggestions. :)

Kittenna-Bummer. Yes, plenty of new teas and blends. The closest ones to being put up will be a golden tip Assam, a premium Bi Lo Chun, and 2 Darjeelings. Will also have a few flavored teas coming up soon.

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Sil select said

I can’t offer suggestions for these types of things. I already have too much tea, an order coming from Stacy AND another I need to place lol. Hard enough to resist.

Hahaha. I think we need a group support for Tea Addicts Anonymous. :)

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Another question for you guys. While emailing a Steepster member I came up with an idea that I am unsure about. Let me know if this appealing or not so much. It would take a lot of work, so I don’t want to jump in and find out that its offensive or wouldn’t appeal to religious people. I kind of want to do a sampler of major religious holidays in November & December. It would include a tea for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, Yule, and Christmas. What do you guys think? I already have blend ideas but not so sure if I want to try this.

Azzrian said

I find it offensive that some people may find it offensive lol.
I think all beliefs should be welcomed and celebrated.
I do think however what COULD be offensive is if you got something wrong so you would really have to educate yourself and yet you could still piss some people off – I don’t know if I would go there.

Yeah, really really unsure. I might just scrap it. The ones I would be most worried about are Kwanzaa and Hanukkah since they are the holidays I know the least about. I love my idea for Diwali which I might just do anyways and call something else. I wanted to do Gajar Ka Halwa. Which would be a creamy, sweet carrot, cardamom, almond, pistachio tea.

momo said

Maybe you could find someone to email and ask about general food items and flavors for food during the celebrations. Just do not ask Sandra Lee on Kwanzaa. I think by asking people who would know that would really help instead of ending up with something considered like stereotypical.

Momo-that’s a good idea too. I saw Sweet Potato Pie for Kwanzaa and thought that could be really good but is it a real traditional food, I don’t know.

Azzrian said

I would SO be all over that tea Stacy!

Azzrian-The carrot halwa or the sweet potato pie?

Helena said

I want Sweet Potato Pie!!

Azzrian said

BOTH!!!!! :) LOL Absolutely both.

Sweet Potato Pie!!! …or both. :)

Kittenna said

Omg, the halva tea…

Nik select said

Mmmmmmm… गाजर का हलवा (Gaajar ka halva)! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gajar_ka_halwa) Sorry, I’m a bit late to this thread, but I say go for it! (Mostly because I want those blends.) :D

You know what they say…"Haters gon’ hate." People who like to complain will always find a reason to complain. Never mind them, just sell your wonderful collection to the rest of us.

Thanks Nik!

Jules1 select said

A Chanukkah tea would be an excellent idea because we have a really tasty treat that goes along with the holiday and is just BEGGING to be a flavour of tea…no, not the fried potato pancakes…jam-filled doughnuts called sufganiyot! I would definitely buy that tea!

Jules1-Actually the jam-filled doughnuts is my second choice but only if the latkes with applesauce fails. It just sounds like too much of a challenge that I really want to try it.

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Bonnie said

Don’t be so afraid of offending. When you travel and try to speak another language it’s a compliment to the culture that you try. When people are so sensitive that they are offended by every little thing it shows how much they need to grow.
In my multi-ethnic family, Sweet Potato Pie is something that I made for my African-American, Caucasian children and we always had Black Eyed Peas (a big New Year’s Tradition). Pecan Pie would be something interesting too. I won a pie contest during Black History Month with a Pecan Pie (yeh I know…even the judges chuckled, but in 40+ years living in a bi-cultural family, I became enriched!). Most of the traditional foods would have been savory like gumbo’s. Every family gathering I ever went to, every funeral or potluck always had a 7-up cake and a sweet potato pie.
Pecan was for Holidays.

Azzrian said

Bonnie I agree and this is what I was thinking about and was going to change my tune – but then got distracted by this recipe book I am making.
Anyway its true. We can’t cater to or worry about every thing everyone thinks. Many people DO need to grow.
Just be sure you ask anyone that you need to in order to get any details or facts straight and that is the best you can do then go for it.
Its a free universe! :)

Thanks so much for your input. Hmmm, any other desert ideas? I think doing a pecan pie might be too similar to our Maple Pecan Oolong or perhaps I could offer that in the sampler.

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