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All about Organic Chinese tea(With USDA and ECOCERT certification)

Hi, guys!
Have you ever tried organic teas from China? I will list some from mine company. If you had some experiences relate to organic Chinese tea, please post you comments below!
Now we has one promotion for tea samples
In this link, you only need to use 10 cent to get 15g tea samples

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stanean D said

Short description:
Golden wool is named by the tiny golden fluffs covering on its leaf. Those fluffs can only be found on the tender bud of tea tree, which is the raw material of ‘Golden wool’. Because the tender bud is so rare, let ‘Golden wool’ to be classified on the list of highest standard black tea.

leaf: Bud covered by golden fluffs.
liquor : Light reddish brown.
Aroma: Sweet like fresh orange juice, mix with dark chocolate.
Taste: Heavy, generous and rich taste, like rock honey

Lincang, southwest of Yunnan province

If you wanna know sth about this high quality Chinese black tea
Check the link

Now this tea has sample for 10 cent in the link below


AllanK said

First question, are you talking organic by the Chinese standard? Or by the much more stringent American, Japanese, or European standards. And I don’t think you will get too many takers for the tea in your link, unless you also offer samples. Many people won’t lay out $50 on one tea without sampling it first.

stanean D said

Oh..I need to say thank you for telling this to me..Somebody told this misunderstood to me once..I now recognize that I need to describe it clearly:
The tea in the link has USDA & ECOCERT certification.
Here is the sample
Now you only need 10 cent to have this trial
Thank you again for telling me about this! You are so kind!

I have not found Teadaw in the USDA certified organic database. Does the company have a different name?

stanean D said

Teadaw is the name of tea brand
Here is our certification of USDA

Sorry but I am confused. :)
First link is to the – /Integrity/CP/ USDA Parent Directory. The second link is to a ECOCERT page for the Kunming Nanxiang Tea Co., Ltd.

stanean D said

I try to fix the first link, but nothing works. You need to paste it to your browser.
Our products are from those two places, we deeply working with each other. Teadaw is the market brand.

Oolong-Nug said

I must say. Whenever I see teas being pushed as organic over any other qualities, my eye gets a weird twitch. Thanks for the info, however I’m not sure how I feel on this one

The other thing that I think I (personally as a buyer) am spoiled from and look for when buying teas is more in depth information. You can see many online vendors that will do as much as they can to tell you even exactly what lot a tea is from, what standards it may or may not pass, its elevation, bake, oxidation, mountain, cultivar, etc.

A bag with “dark tea” or “yellow tea” or something of the like may or may not appeal to others, I don’t want to assume my views are similar to others, but it just doesn’t do it for me. I may just take a “non organic” high quality tea from a vendor I trust

stanean D said

First, thank you for your suggestion!
As an brand new online seller, I know how important the trust is: I might buy clothes from some sellers that I don’t familiar with, BUT I won’t buy sth I eat or drink from someone new to me.

stanean D said

But, if you do want to try something new, I can offer you some free samples.

Rasseru said

Please keep tea company discussions in the relevant sub-forum


stanean D said

Thanks for your advises!

Arby said

Where is your yellow tea from? Is it Huo Shan, Huang Ya, Jun Shan Yin Zhen, or Meng Ding Hu?

stanean D said

In Sichuan, Southwest of China

stanean D said

It not belong to any of those teas you listed, it is one new variety.
Here is the press release about this tea

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