Rasseru said

YS Yi Bang/Xi Kong, opinions?

Anyone here have opinions on the YS Yi Bang, Xi Kong cakes? There are the:

£100/250g Yi bang cakes (2017, 2011, 2010 I noted),

2013 400g/£70 cake (autumn) from Yi Bang,
another autumn a Mi Bu (yi bang) which is noted as being bitter. < probably not interested in this

and also some Xi Kong (again 250g/£100)

anyone have opinions on any of these? I liked the last Yi Bang from the tea club, the 2017. it was stand-out compared to most ive tasted recently. Something to do with the small-leaf varietal tasting different enough for me to like? i dont know

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andresito said

I am awaiting the YS 2010 “Yi Bang” Ancient Arbor sheng, will post tasting notes when I eventually try it.

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