20% off sale going on now!

Hi everyone. I wanted to let you know I am currently offering 20% off (as my 1st wedding anniversary gift to everyone) of all the tea in my Tea Trade shop. These include 52 Teas Rescued from Retirement Blends: Pomegranate Green, Raspberry Cream Cheese Danish, and Cherry Vanilla Cola as well as other teas from various companies around the US and Canada. Feel free to check it out at: http://littlemewbrew.teatra.de/store/products/

Enter HAPPYFIRST2011 at checkout.

Thank you!

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DaisyChubb said

Congrats! :D

Thank you!

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Happy Anniversary! Here’s to many more happy Anniversaries to follow!

Thank you! I see many more in the future! :)

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Happy Anniversary!

You and Teatrade have done a great job with your site. And I really like the cat art on your banner. It kinda speaks to how drinking tea can be so relaxing, soothing and joyful.

I may want to try some teas that you offer (especially Franks teas).

I tried to find shipping information, and I couldn’t find any. What is your shipping policy?

Shipping costs are as follows: United States – $1.75 and Canada $2.25. I ship to to the following countries outside the US and Canada: United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, and Australia for a rate of – $3.50.

That information is on the main page of the site: http://littlemewbrew.teatra.de/

Thanks for the kind words about the site! The folks at Tea Trade have been really helpful to me in a lot of ways. :) I have a new logo in the works too. but that’s a little ways off. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Oh. How embarrassing. It is right there, isn’t it?

Thanks, Little Mew Brew!

You had me worried for a moment! No worries I actually missed it the first time too after the Tea Trade folks helped me clean up my site a little.

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UPDATE: Good evening tea lovers! I’ve made a few changes to some of the tea offerings I have here on Tea Trade. I broke down three of the Teavana teas I had into 20g bags creating the Green Tea Sampler. Each back will give you 5 – 6 cups of tea. Each set contains: Raspberry Soiree, Blackberry Mojito, and Peachberry Jasime Sutra.

There is also now The Love Connection which contains both Duchess’ First Love and Marry Me Again. Great Fall teas perfect for sharing with that special someone or keeping for yourself. Each of these bags contains at minimum 10 cups to 13 cups maximum.

Brewing instructions will come with each set. As a reminder the 20% off discount continues into next week. Just enter HAPPYFIRST2011 at checkout (where you see the ‘Have a coupon code’).

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Sale is still on until next Thursday. Check it out. Thank you!!

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