cjwrn said

tea certification programs

I am new to tea and have been looking into tea certification programs. Can anyone tell me if one is better than another?

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I can’t answer your question but I have been wondering what the certifications are for. Does it help one to get a job?

Chantra said

HI there! I actually wondered the same thing so I googled it. I believe according to this website: http://www.teausa.com/general/teacertificate/index.cfm

it might be for those who are planning to open a tea business or company. It sounded intriguing and I’m planning to just ask questions if it’s okay just to attend the seminar and get certified for the heck of it.

Also check out this site:


It makes a lot more sense :)

That’s also what I wondered about. If one opens a tea business, he is already the boss and wouldn’t need a certificate to get himself hired :-D But if a certificate can lead to a better job, then it would be an attractive idea. So I wonder if there is a tea certificate that works similar to CPA kind of thing, and if some people got themselves hired with the certificate.

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Hi, please don’t mind me too much. I have wondered about tea certifications. As correctly stated they are more for those starting tea business.

Freely www.Teavana.com does offer a tea 101 course through email subscription, however, that being said I have yet to receive their study materials. Directly on their site, there are links at bottom of page one can view and absorb the following:

Learn about tea

Types of Tea History of Tea How to Steep Tea Loose Leaf vs. Tea Bags Tea Party Ideas

If of inclination that is. I have seen courses offered as low as $29.00 monthly fee and i did consider doing this but no funds. I am experiencing inertia in all things. Past dues in fact.

Happy teas to all.

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Pithy said

Check out adagio’s tea class. It has a few helpful articles in a nice checklist format. http://www.teaclass.com/

Also you could just drink more tea and keep a journal or something.

Anything charging you money for a certificate is most likely a scam. (If anyone refutes this they are either part of a certification program or they are a “certified tea master” justifying their insane purchase)

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AJ said

I don’t see much merit in most of these tea courses. These online classes that you pay for to gain a flimsy certificate. When you live in a country importing tea, not growing it, there’s absolutely no job you can get with a certification that you wouldn’t get without.

Plus, I think “Tea Mastery” is VERY hands on, and there’s no WAY you could call yourself one simply from tasting imported tea at home and reading articles online.

Unless you’re one of these guys,


who went to a university for their certificate, which allowed them to get a job tasting tea in actual plants and factories where it’s being produced.

They’re standing in a field of tea. That’s hands on.

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