seoqueue said

Baby Diaper Cake
Moms diaper cakes is a website specializing in baby diaper cakes, baby diaper cupcakes, baby diaper wreathes, baby blanket lollipops, and baby gift baskets.

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Brittany said

Really random…?

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Seriously though, who would not want one of these, why have we not thought of these sooner. So hip, so shick, so multi-purpose, if you ever run out of diapers no need to fear, just don’t accidentally leave used diapers on the counter next to the cake … oh yeah this is why no ones thought of these before, there highly dangerous. :)

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Angrboda said

What an unfortunate name for a business!!! O.o Is it supposed to read like Mom’s Diaper-cakes, or like Mom’s-diaper cakes, I wonder…

A name like that reminds me of the Catbox Cake, actually, and I’m fairly certain that’s not the sort of association they’re aiming for. Catbox Cake recipe here:

Normally I wouldn’t bother replying to OBVIOUS SPAM SPAM SPAMMITY-SPAM posts, and would just report them to the Overlords, but this is just too bizarre! O.o

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I don’t get it either…Is it a cake made out of real diapers? Or is it an edible cake that looks like diapers? Either way, I’m not sure I want one.

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It looks like cake, cupcakes, etc made out of clean and unused cloth diapers as a neat way to give diapers to an expecting mom. Still obv. spam, but I had to look for myself.

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