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SO hello everyone. This tea is mostly quite old but still drinkable, I think. Some of it has stood the test of time better than others but it’s all free (but for the cost of shipping) and is there anything better than free? I’ve been very good at sending out orders in a timely fashion so no worries about that. And anyone who wants enough to require an actual box will get a free patterned tea tin! How’s that for great?

Tea located here: first come, first served.


Shipping from 98055 USA (Seattle area). Will ship anywhere (previous places shipped: USA, Canada, Germany, Finland. Will accept crafty goods and fanfiction in exchange for tea if price is an issue.

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Sil select said

welcome back :)


Oh man…

Alright here’s my list:

Malabar Estate Java OP Clonal – Upton Teas – single serving
Zhen Qu – Butiki Teas – 1oz
The Black Lotus – Butiki Teas – 0.5 oz
Foxy Roxy’s Banana Walnut Treat – Butiki Teas – 1oz
Houjicha Ichiban – Steepster – single serving x2 (One is fine though!)
Mi Lan Temple Blend – Verdant Tea – 1oz
Orange Brulee – Della Terra Teas – 0.5oz?
Bai Mu Dan White Tea – Verdant Tea – 1oz
Christmas Cookie White Tea – 52teas – 0.5 oz
Cran-Grape Shou Mei – 52teas – 1oz
Angel Food Cake Shou Mei – 52teas – 1oz
Banana Grape Shou Mei – 52teas – 1oz
Dreamsicle Puerh – 52teas – 1.5oz
Mirabelle Cream (green rooibos) – Hale Tea Company – 20g

I’d also be interested in about five of the Southern Boy Teas, but I actually don’t really care which ones as long as they’re not green tea bases so you could definitely surprise me with which ones.

I’m following you now, so we can PM with the rest of details! I’m in Canada, though :)

Went through an edited out a couple things from my list; mostly the green teas. I felt like I put a lot on my list, and I saw a few others were interested in the ones I was more on the fence about so I just pulled those guys off :)

Got you. Packed up.

Arby said

Here is my list, let me know shipping cost to Canada, and which are still available

The Black Lotus – Butiki Teas – 0.5 oz
Foxy Roxy’s Banana Walnut Treat – Butiki Teas – 1oz
Tamarind Pop – Butiki Teas – 1oz
Raspberry Cream – 52teas – 1.75oz (x2)
Weeping Angel – 52teas – 1.75oz
Candy Corn – 52teas – 1.75oz
Frankenberry – 52teas – 1.75oz’
Strawberry Zabaglione – 52teas – single serving
Cranberry Salad Green Tea – 52teas – 0.5 oz
Cherry Marshmallow Treat – 52teas – 0.5 oz
Tropical Eyebrows (Chun Mee) – 52teas – 2 oz
Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha – 52teas – single serving
Pistachio Ice Cream – Butiki Teas – 1oz
Mi Lan Temple Blend – Verdant Tea – 1 oz
Flowery Pineapple Oolong – Butiki Teas – 0.5 oz
Orange Brulee – Della Terra Teas – 0.5oz?
Silver Buds Yabao – Verdant Tea – 0.5 oz
Cotton Candy – 52teas – 1oz
Cran-Grape Shou Mei – 52teas – 1oz
Angel Food Cake Shou Mei – 52teas – 1oz
Nearly Nirvana – Bluebird Tea Co – 20g?
Banana Grape Shou Mei – 52teas – 1oz
Christmas Cookie White Tea – 52teas – 0.5 oz
Dreamsicle Puerh – 52teas – 1.5oz
Cask Strength – Verdant Tea – 1.0 oz
A Day In Provence – Tay Tea – 0.5 oz
Strawberry Daiquiri Honeybush – 52teas – 2 oz
OYGFIB (banana orange red rooibos) – 52teas – 2oz
Raspberry Beret – Bluebird Tea Co. – single serving
Jungle Monkey Chai (red rooibos) – Tea Xotics – 20g
Kiwi Cherry Bonanza – Tiesta Tea – 20g
Raspberry Patch – Adagio Teas – 85g/3oz
Rooibos Chocolate (red rooibos) – Forsman Tea – 20g
Dewy Cherry – Adagio Teas – 23g
Cococabana Coola – Bluebird Tea Co. – 20g
Kukicha – Arbor Teas – single serving
Lemon Lime Kampai (green rooibos) – Teavana – 2oz
Aniseed Balls – Bluebird Tea Co. – 20g

Southern Ice Tea Boys:
Tequila Sunrise Green
Cotton Candy Honeybush
Strawberry Zabaglione Black
Key Lime Cheesecake Black
Cookie Dough Black
Lime Jello Black

EDIT: I only want one of the Raspberry Cream, I don’t need both

You get a significant portion of this list. It’s kinda packed up but I have a too small box and a too big box so that might change if I get another box soon.

oh darn, just noticed Frankenberry was taken. haha

Hello Starfevre! Nice to see you still around! But WHY are you giving these away? I’d love whatever is left:
SBT – Key Lime Cheesecake
SBT – Christmas Fruitcake
SBT – Lime Jello
SBT -Lime Gelatin Salad
SBT -Rainbow Sherbert
SBT -Lime Cola
SBT -Neapolitan
SBT -Lemon Lime White
SBT – Cotton Candy honeybush

Any Butiki and Steap shoppe, any Bluebird green or white blends you have left!
52Teas – Raspberry Cream
52Teas – chocolate mint
Della Terra – Blueberry Crumble
Nana’s Gourmet – Steap Shoppe
Bluebird – Nearly Nirvana
Bluebird – Terry’s
Butiki – Zhen Qu
Butiki – Black Lotus
Verdant – Anxi Fo Shou
947 Kaluna Lime TeaHous
Pineapple Mango – TeaHous
Ascent Raspberry Yoko Tea
Apple Flavor – Nature’s Tea Leaf
Fiest Fusion – Teajo
Raspberry Chocolate Bark – Teajo
Tropical Mango – Teajo
Very Raspberry – Teajo
Verdant – Laoshan Green
Someof the Fauchon Pomme?
Ankara Apple – Bluebird
Lemon Sherbet – Bluebird
Toasted Apple – Bluebird
Cherry Lips – Bluebird
Watermelon Xylephone – Butiki
52Teas – Cranberry Salad
Satin Pear – Sterling
52Teas – Cran Strawberry Hyson
52 Teas – Smores Genmaicha
52Teas – Cran grape shou mei
52Teas – cotton candy shou mei
52Teas – Cucumber Mango
I really wanted to even just try 1 cup of the Dreamsicle Pu-er
Tiesta – Kiwi Cherry
TeaHaus – Summer romance
Tealux – orange lemonade
Teahaus = Creamsicle
Hale – Mirabelle Cream
Tiesta – Minty Winter
Bluebird – Cocobanana cooler
Bluebird – Aniseed
Fusion – Carribbean Nectar
Tealux – Elephant
Fusion – Apple Strudel
Fusion – Turkish Apple
Fusion- Watermelon Lime
52teas – inscape

You’re next, but I am out of spoons so it will have to wait until tomorrow for a final count, sorry.

No problem, but I have no idea what you mean by spoons. :D

Also, if you want to hold off on completely taping up my box, I might take another look at the list once interest slows down to take some more off your hands. Thanks again

Edited to add: For example, I might decide to take all the honeybush teas no one else wanted. :D

Are you located in the USA? (It matters in choosing a box).

yes, NY! thanks

Burbling said

I’d love the 52 Teas-Chocolate Mint and the 52 Teas-Angel Food Cake, and the Anti-Valentine’s Day Treat if they’re still available!

Burbling said

There are a few more that caught my eye, too. I’d also like the unflavored Sandakphu if nobody’s asked for it yet.

And some of the Della Terra Teas: Shamrocks and Shennanigans, Classic Apple Pie, and Oatmeal Raisin Cookie.

I’ll PM you my shipping address if it works out!
Thanks for doing this!

Angel Food Cake is taken but the rest are still available, I’ll get to it tomorrow as I am out of spoons for the day.

Burbling said

I’m having trouble PMing you; I think we both need to be following each other? Are you able to message me? No rush, and only if it’s convenient. Thank you!

I had to go and have another look at your list, but keep in mind I’m not seeing what others are grabbing. And teas that have multiple samples, like the Anxi Fo shou, I don’t need all six of them, a couple is fine, but I do love my Laoshan green so I’d like a couple of those.

Duchess First Love – Tay
Rainforest Nectar – Della Terra (1)
Jinghsan – Verdant
Dragonwell – Teavivre
Air – Yokotea
Sandakphu Silver – Nepali
Bai Mu Dan White – Verdant
Rooibos Chocolate – Forsman

I also have some Hot Mama Jama left if someone else wanted to try that one. But I’d love the other Bluebird green/white that weren’t already nabbed. Thanks for doing this, Starfevre. Hope you are doing well!
Edited to add: and whatnatakiloves can have the MojiTEA too.

Ah! So much interest! You know, I’d almost forgotten how fast these things go here. First come first served as I said so let me start working from top to bottom on these.

Hi New here but i’d love to take advantage of your offer and THANKS!!!

Lemon-Lime White
Cotton Candy Honeybush
988 Pineapple-Mango – TeaHaus – 50g
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie – Della Terra Teas – 0.5oz?
Raspberry Cream – 52teas – 1.75oz (x2)
Lemon Sherbet – Bluebird Tea Co. – 55g
Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish – 52teas – 2oz
MojiTEA – Bluebird Tea Co. – 20g?
Cherry Lips – Bluebird Tea Co. – 60g
Banana Grape Shou Mei – 52teas – 1oz
Strawberry Daiquiri Honeybush – 52teas – 2 oz
Mango Watermelon Honeybush – 52teas – 2 oz
1598 Creamsicle (red rooibos) – TeaHaus – 50g
Turkish Apple “Apple Vanilla” – Fusion Teas – 1oz?
Watermelon Lime – Fusion Teas – 1oz?
OYGFIB (banana orange red rooibos) – 52teas – 2oz


RozzieTea said

Hello! I would like the following green teas if still available:

RozzieTea said

Sorry! Lets try that again:
I would like the following green teas if still available:
I am in Southern California by the way.
Ilam Sencha – Nepali Tea Traders – 102g in a canister
Tiger Sencha – Della Terra Teas – 0.5oz? (x2)
Sun Dried Jingshan Green – Verdant Tea – 2oz?
Dragonwell Green Tea – Teavivre – single sample
Obukucha – Steepster – single serving
Karigane #22 – Tea Wing – single serving
Spring Harvest Laoshan Green – Verdant Tea – 1oz?
Summer Harvest Laoshan Green – Verdant Tea – 1oz?
He Family 1st Picking Laoshan Green – Verdant Tea – 0.5oz?
Laoshan Bilochun Green – Verdant Tea – 1oz?

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