Tabby said isn't giving away free samples! So don't sign up.

Just wanted to let you guys know that you can choose two free samples from with the coupon code “tryme”. (Without quotations, of course.) I just chose the French Vanilla and the Earl Grey Cream. Enjoy! Scratch that. Apparently this has been up for months and no one has received anything.

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Hmm… the last time I ordered samples from them (well over a year ago), they were never shipped (or at least, I never received them).

Kristin said

Me too.

Well, I have had some issues with identity theft, but I don’t know that it was related to this site or not. I don’t even remember now if I had to enter any credit card information to receive the samples. I just know that I had never received my samples that I did request.

Ditto as far as what LiberTEAS posted. I am pretty sure I didn’t enter my CC info, but I did enter an address (although I removed it not long after I found out that they weren’t sending any samples out).

cee12 said

I didn’t have to enter a cc # or anything. I don’t even have a credit card, but I’m like freaking out cuz I put info into a site that I find out now is supposedly some fake scam site. I dunno just scary, making me super paranoid I guess. How did you take your mailing info off the site? I can’t figure it out.

I have heard from other people though that nothing happened to them or anything other than they didn’t get any samples, so that comforting. But I’m a mess now lol.

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Tabby said

Aww, really? That’s disappointing.

Not saying that is what will happen in your case, just what happened in mine… who knows? Shipment could have been lost in transit. However, I did email them about it, and never heard back from them, which I found even more disappointing than not receiving the tea.


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Just put in an order for the French Vanilla and Earl grey Cream

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Uniquity said

For my Canadian friends, when I just went through the process for the free samples I was going to be charged $25 as the cheapest shipping option. For two samples. I don’t know where they’re located but that is way over my shipping budget.

That’s pretty crazy for any amount of tea!

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Camiah said

I put in a request for the samples about a week or so ago. We’ll see if I get them. I’m not hopeful based on the feedback I’ve seen on other fora though.

ETA: I just checked my order status—from 10/5 the order is still “pending”. Not hopeful at all.

Adeline said

I requested samples at least a month ago and the order is still “pending”! Sounds to me like they don’t plan to send them out.

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I put in an order yesterday for two free samples. And with all of what I am reading here, I decided to send them an email. I’ll let you know what they say (if they even respond).

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Tabby said

Well, I guess it’s official. There is no free tea to be had. But I’m going to leave this thread up in case someone else was fooled, too.

You may already know this, but you can change the thread topic, if you want, since you created this discussion.

Tabby said


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I ordered a teapot and some samples from them months ago. When I log into my account there it says the order is still processing. I just sent them a message asking what is up… we’ll see.

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I have not received any reply to my e-mail. So based on that, and everything I have read out here, yesterday I went out to remove any personal information on their website.

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Spot52 select said

I signed up years ago, and never got anything. I would have been super agitated if I had spent money.

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