How to loosen a very hard pressed aged Sheng?

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There was just a promising looking description of a steaming process in a Puerh Tea Club Facebook Group. It’s not set up for sharing individual posts, so I can only credit it by mentioning the group link:

I’ve done it on the stove top with tea in a vegetable steamer basket. Steam briefly. Gently pry off the outer layers that remove easily and spread the tea out on something to fully dry. Return the rest of the tuo to the steamer, wait maybe 30 seconds or a minute, and repeat until you’ve separated it all or how much you want. In other words, steam little by little instead of steaming the whole thing to a pile of loose tea at once.
I’ve only done it with something I intend to drink up in near term and I didn’t notice any ill effects. No idea what would happen to a tuo that is partially steamed and put in storage to further age, but it’s probably not positive.

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