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Lazey said

Hello, I’m more or less new to Steepster. Waves
Like everyone else I drink a lot of teas and am really into trying new teas. I drink a lot of the bagged stuff but have been getting into looseleaf too. I’ve been drinking tea as far back as I can remember, first thing I learned how to make with the microwave; black tea with a little milk and three heaping spoonfuls of sugar, my tastes have evolved since then though I have less teeth than I started with.
I love Constant Comment from Bigelow, and I started drinking Evening in Missoula and love it. I like a bunch of other teas too, Earl Grey, Montana Gold, Jasmine w/ green tea, black tea w/ lemon and sugar, etc.

I live with 4 cats, 2 of which are mine. One of the cats has developed a taste for milky teas (She’s like 12 so heck of a time to discover she’s a tea drinker, hasn’t done her any harm yet but it’s not good either) so I have to be on my guard when enjoying a chai. The other cats are content to just knock over the cups no matter if there is milk or lemon, but especially if there’s a lot of honey.

I tend to get into the extreme end of pastimes. I’m into fishing but really love icefishing. I do a bit of writing but prefer NaNoWriMo (Where you write a 50,000 word novel in a month). A year ago I got a propane burner and a tea kettle so I can make a pot of tea while on the ice, everything tastes better while ice fishing. And for NaNoWriMo you can imagine I abused highly caffeinated teas.

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smileyface said

Hi, I’m Nicole, I live in a suburb of New York City. I’ve always enjoyed tea in a casual, occasional way, but have only REALLY gotten into it in the past year or so. I think that had something to do with my introduction to Harney & Sons :)

Hope to participate in the discussions and start adding my own reviews!

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mrmopar said

welcome to all the newbies i was one not too long ago! great place to be!

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I am just another ney guy on the block. It was really amazing to find this community of like minded tea lovers. Best part of it is being aware of the fact that every person is different and everyone is so sensitive for others around here. Never knew that a cup of tea can bring such a magic. :)
As far as I am concerned, I am an Indian in US right now. Safety and Environmental IT consultant by profession and live with my wife and no kids. Love to try different experiences in life, passionate about cooking, reading, poetry, philosophy & photography. Oops, have I missed tea somewhere :)?
From being a kid, I have tasted traditional Indian Chai, but to be true it tasted more like a milk concoction to me till much late in life and I started experimenting with different types of tea.
Currently I enjoy most different blacks, oolong, and trying all the green and white teas now. Comepltely novice with respect to pu-erh and Matcha(couple of years back I got to know that it even exists).

I’ve enjoyed your posts! Looking forward to more! Officially…WELCOME!!!!!

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Ha! I totally didn’t realise this thread existed. Its totally out of date now, but hello everyone! Merry Christmas/December/End of Days! I’m from Tasmania, Australia, and have been a tea drinker for about 20 years. I’ve had a tea collection explosion in the last 2 years after discovering DavidsTea on holiday (mostly due to the cool accessories like the Timolino travel mug, and steeper!). I do like a good gadget. I have a few favourite companies, the most recent addiction is the Rabbit Hole Tea Bar (you definitely want some of theirs!). My first tea swap box arrived today (thanks Azzrian), and I’d love to explore other teas if anyone wants to swap.

I work in community mental health services, and have recently taken on a casual job at The Art of Tea, doing the occasional Saturday Salamnaca Market stall (come and visit if you’re in Hobart!). Other things I like? I love reading, bike riding, Doctor Who (who doesn’t like a Tardis teapot?!) and this year, I’ve become addicted to barre classes (goes well with iced rooibos).

Welcome. It is a good group here and there are a fair number of Whovians too.

Well, tea does revive a partially regenerated Gallifrean, so it makes sense.

Ha! Awesome!

another mental health worker! I’m so excited! a late welcome to Steepster :)

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john12 said

Hey everybody. I’m an almost 40 year old scientist bored out of his mind on his last shift before the holidays. I like all kinds of tea, both hot and iced. I’m here mostly to find tea reviews. My other interests include music, reading bad books, cycling and hanging out with the wife and kid.

Welcome to Steepster :) A scientist you say, my how fascinating and super cool that is! I look forward to seeing your first tea notes.

Serenity said

Nice to meet you!

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Vaughan said

Hi, 44 year old London lawyer. I am a very recent convert to proper tea. It seems that many of my friends have turned into coffee buffs so the contrary streak in me sent me looking in the other direction for decent tea. I would have to say that I like TEA tea rather than fruit teas, rooibos and tisanes, though maybe you fine people can extend my palate. Looking forward to reading, though not yet confident enough to contribute my own thoughts. Current favourite – Phoenix Dancong oolong.

Serenity said

NIce to meet you!

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Steph73 said

Hi, 30-something teacher. I have been a lover of tea since I was old enough to drink it (Red Rose Orange Pekoe with sugar and a lemon slice). My experience with tea has grown a little bit since then, and I stumbled on this site recently when I was looking for some tea reviews. Since then, I have become been mildly obsessed with all the information that has been posted here.

Welcome Steph! There are a lot of great tea lovin’ people here. A great place to learn and share.

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Jfro said

Hey there ! I am a early 30 something who has a love of all things steeped, brewed, and fermented. I only drink loose tea- totally for idiosyncratic reasons. I love me some sheng puer- though I am still a newb.

I tend to be a bit purist, but then on a different tea, totally fine with whatever blendy goodness is going on.

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Well then! I’ve been on steepster for a few months now and it is great! I have loved drinking tea for years, though I’ve only gotten really into it in the past four years or so. My tea collection is overflowing, filling any spare room in my tiny dorm! I love all kinda of tea, with flavored black teas being my favorite. Lately high I’ve been leaving more towards greens but I love really any kind of tea! I love tea!

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