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Hi everyone!

I’m Jessica, 28, from London. I found Steepster a while ago – mostly when looking for brewing temperatures, and it became a reliable source of information for me. I didn’t realise that there was a forum until now, so have now ‘taken the plunge’! :-)

I am currently writing my PhD in English Literature (crime fiction in particular), which goes particularly well with tea. Although, the amount I drink, you would be forgiven for wondering whether the PhD was actually on the ‘beverage of choice’…

My absolute favourite tea in the whole, wide world is… currently (!!! We all know that frisson of excitement over finding our next favourite tea in the whole, wide world, don’t we?!)… a beautiful Arishan Milk Oolong from Harrods, which I am currently eking out, as they sold out over Chinese New Year and don’t expect any more in until mid-March. I have some Jing Tea Jin Xuan on order in the hope it will keep me content until then!

I also love some of the Mariage Freres teas – my favourite is (probably!) a 2013 first flush, first picking Namring-Poomong (Upper) Darjeeling. Beautiful grassy notes that you can only get from a really young DJ.

I’m quite a big fan of green teas as well, although nothing I’ve had recently has grabbed me as much as the blues/blacks – no, not even the £300/100g Harrods Gyokuro Kimigayo Supreme (oops…). In fairness, that is a lovely tea, but I can’t help thinking of the price tag (my husband bought it as a Christmas present – I’d never be so extravagant!) when I drink it, which probably makes it taste less good!!! Nothing But Tea’s Pine Needle tea is very good in terms of a slightly lighter, more drinkable green, I think.

Finally, flavoured teas… Hmmm. This is a hard one for me, as I am a bit of a purist and can’t imagine why anyone would add anything to really good quality tea. HOWEVER… my guilty secret is Postcard Tea’s Dark Ginger from Vietnam, which is a nice pick me up in the morning.

Don’t think I’ve found anything totally undrinkable yet… Not so keen on TWG’s Imperial Lapsang – it just tastes a bit too dusty for my liking, compared to other Lapsangs I’ve had.

It all depends on context though… for example, at a standard Chinese restaurant with my husband, nothing beats a cup of cheap, watery jasmine tea… Which I wouldn’t drink at home in a million years… Yes. Setting is everything…

In terms of accessories, we have a few lovely caddy spoons and caddies from various places (mostly Mariage, although one from Harrods, and a beautiful silver one). I’m quite devoted to keeping teas in good caddies, and have even had my own labels printed to fill out and stick on them. I am also in the process of designing a bespoke tea journal to write notes for everything I’ve tried, so currently have a huge pile of tea packaging in my kitchen waiting for to be entered into the journal once it arrives!

Looking forward to learning lots and sharing my (patchy and minimal!) knowledge with you all,

Welcome to the Steepster Forums Jessica. It’s nice to see another Brit in here :) I’m sure you will learn no end of tea facts and get what your looking for.

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sandra said

hi jessica,

welcome to this lovely forum.

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fayebert said

Hi all,
I just signed up. I’ve been “stalking” this site for a week or so, found it though googling something tea related. I really do love tea, have drank it from childhood, but it has really only ever been a tea bag(PG Tips, Tetley, Red Rose) with the occasional Green Tea(via bag) and some rooibos. I’ve always been interested in tea and have always wanted to start branching out and trying loose tea. I have read lots about tea, tea brewing, tea storing and on and on, but for some reason I just have never did actually buy anything other than my boxes of the above mentioned tea bags. Till a couple weeks ago when I purchased some loose tea :-) and now have growing wish lists thanks to the discussions here ;-)
Still a newbie in many tea related ways. Just hoping I don’t end up messing up my budget! LOL

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