My brother is the MacGuyver of tea...

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Lynxiebrat said

lol. The stories with using coffee machines…I’ve had the opposite happen to me: I don’t drink coffee, havn’t for years and hate the taste of it. But one time, not to long ago, I wanted to make up a pitcher of the Pineapple and Blueberry tea blend from Teavana’s, and asked my Dad for advice as to how I would make so much of it. After something and idea bouncing around for both of us, he suggested using the coffee pot, it was over a weekend and he never drinks coffee on the weekend so thats what we did. The tea, turned out great. The coffee however… Yep, you guessed it: tasted like blueberries. Shortly after that I got a variable Temperature Kettle (not from Teavana’s!) and have used coffee filters, with the top portion tied closed with string…..Not a bad way of doing it, but I think my next non tea purchace will be a pitcher with a strainer.

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