Another Keen Product...from Keen Tea Thyme!

I finally got my Tea Trade site up and running! You know what that means…Pink Pearls is available for sale (in regular and sugar-free versions). Plus there’s some other teas for sale. Just check out my site.

And yes, this might be self-serving, but I’m not an actual tea company, just a tea fiend who needs to make room in her stash…and start selling her custom blends. :)

Check out Pink Pearls:

And my regular storefront:

I’ll still be blogging about tea at my usual:

Thanks to all readers, fans and teaists alike! :)

Happy Brewing!

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Fairyfli said

Hey there… I was just trying to purchase the adagio sample pack… got to the payment info page and nothing comes up?!?! Heehee you might want to check it out. let me know when it works I want to try some of your blends.

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Yikes! Thanks for letting me know! I’ll check it out, solve the issue and let you know when things are working again! :)

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The problem has been fixed – thanks to the wonderful folks at Tea Trade for guiding me through the process!

If you need anything else, please let me know.

Stay tuned for a coupon code – for November! :)

Happy Brewing!

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I am trying to purchase your Culinary Teas – sampler pack, but there is no place to enter my address before I pay. How do I do that? Also, it automatically adds sales tax. If I do not live in your state, my understanding is that I should not be charged sales tax. Of course, since you don’t have my address, how can you know?

I started following you, so you can reply here, or PM me about this. I would like to try those three Culinary teas, though!

Also, I registered with tea Trade, ( but I haven’t received the email yet to activate my account. Any ideas?

I looked all over your webpage and blog for an e-mail, but could find none. How can I contact you (other then on Steepster)?

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Hi there,
My main blog has my email all over it : – but my email is [email protected]

I’m working with Tea Trade to works out all the kinks. You’re correct, sales tax is only for MD customers. I’ll touch base with Peter at Tea Trade and see what is going on.

Oh, I only accept paypal – I think that’s the only method you can select for payment, so perhaps that is an issue.

I’ll touch base with you after I hear from Peter @Tea Trade.

Thanks for letting me know more kinks!

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