AllanK said

Moldy Puerh

I received a ripe cake from 2007 a while ago and opened it yesterday to find both sides of the cake had a fair amount of white mold on it. I am not going to mention the name of the seller because he compensated me for the cake. But does anyone know of a way to salvage such a cake or is there only the garbage bin for it?

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TeaLife.HK said

Brush off what you can and let it dry out some. You could also remove the portions with visible mold. There has been a lot of debate this year about fungi and health concerns with pu erh, so perhaps it would be wisest to toss it if you don’t want any health issues at all. If you do choose to consume it, start off with a little to make sure it won’t cause an allergic reaction. If it doesn’t make you sick, perhaps stick to drinking it infrequently to minimize your exposure to mycotoxins.

I purchased a 2005 cake last week that had been wrapped in plastic and had developed white mold (traditional storage, but the dealer’s brother handed me the plastic wrapped cake on display since he couldn’t identify the CNNP 8582 himself). A small cloud of spores came off the cake after I unwrapped it. I dusted off whatever I could and now the tea is airing out. The spores should die and fall off in a matter of weeks.

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