When you can't drink tea

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Keemun said

…would not suggest to drink tea to women which are having there period as tea blocks the absorbtion of minerals, iron in particular.

Cofftea said

Good diet + vitamins solve that problem.

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Lynxiebrat said

I tend to drink herbals and rooibos, so not worried about that.

@Erin, I had to laugh at what you said about Mtn Dew. When I was a teen, I was totally addicted to that stuff, nearly everyday I would go to the party store across the street from my school and buy a Big Slam of Mountain Dew, pack of cigarettes (the owner of the store didn’t care who bought cigarettes or alcohol.) and a candy bar and/or chips. I would be drinking from that bottle for the majority of the day. Now-I’ve completely cut soda from my diet and (mostly) not missing it.

Nik select said

What I realised when I eliminated soda from my life was that I was never addicted to soda, I was addicted to fizzy. I’m still totally addicted to fizzy, so I bought a Sodastream penguin fizzy maker. I’m perfectly happy with adding fizz to plain water, now.

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