Flavored teas and tissanes?

Good morning, Steepsters!

Can anyone recommend an online company that sells good FLAVORED teas and tissanes, with consistently good flavor?

My mother and I are both tea drinkers. She tends to drink flavored greens, whites and herbals; I tend to drink flavored rooibos and herbals (no caffeine; I’m trying to get pregnant). We both love chais but can’t do black tea. Our favorites so far are: Teavana’s White and Ayurvedic Chai tea blends, Teavana Wild Orange Blossom (that has soooo much flavor), Republic of Tea varieties including Spring Cherry Blossom, Good Hope Vanilla, Pink Grapefruit and Plantain Coconut Raw Green Rooibos.

We like a lot of flavor.

We were considering Adagio, DavidsTea and 52Teas. 52Teas sounds great but there isn’t a huge variety of green/white/rooibos/herbal.

Recs? Please help. We’re hoping not to buy a bunch of duds.

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ssajami said

Take a look at Fusion Tea room: http://www.fusiontearoom.com/
They have a good selection of herbals/rooibos/greens.
So far almost all the teas I have tried from them have been quite flavorful.

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Uniquity said

Seconding Fusion tea room (but stay away from mate if you are not having caffeine – there is debate, but science seems to say that mate is caffeine, not ‘mateine.’)

I love David’s Tea and have dozens of their teas to prove it.

Also mad love for 52teas. You never know what they are going to make.

Joy’s Teaspoon has great flavoured teas – if you don’t want caffeine I highly recommend lemon zest, wellness and ruby red.

LiberTeas offers a box of tea samples on her teatra.de site – Most of the ones in my shipment were flavoured teas but you could probably contact her to try to work something out – or give the true teas to your mom!

I don’t like to order from Harney and Sons thanks to a terrible shipping debacle (apparently a common theme if you’re in Canada) but they do have some lovely teas, flavoured and otherwise. Vanilla comoro is usually a crowd pleaser (decaf black tea with vanilla)

Of course, my usual point is to check out local tea rooms. If there is anywhere near you that brews or sells tea – go see them! I love tea and even in Nova Scotia I have local tea rooms and tea blends, so I don’t have to rely solely on the internet.

If you’re looking for more input about a specific tea, you can always check out the Steepster reviews and see what others have to say. Some reviews are more helpful than others, but usually there is something to give an inidication of what the tea is like. If you don’t want to buy a lot of something in case you won’t like it, you can almost always stick to samplers!

Uniquity said

I forgot to mention Butiki Teas – though I’ve only tried flavoured teas from there. Not sure what they have for rooibos, etc.

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Wow. This is all so helpful! Thanks guys!

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Hello, we have a number of flavored rooibos, greens, whites, and herbals. Here is our rooibos selection: http://www.butikiteas.com/Rooibos.html. Also, we have a fair amount of natural flavorings and blending ingredients in stock many of which are organic. We can work with you to create special blends. For a special blend we only require a minimum of 4oz purchase per blend.

Tamm said

Butiki’s coconut cream pie is one of the best “pie” flavored teas I’ve ever had! I was really pleased with this one.

Ooooh dear. I might have to contact you (eventually) about something akin to raspberry truffle without the chocolate. This is dangerous information to have, my friend.

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Tamm said

My favorite flavored teas have come from 3 places:
52 teas: They are so unique! It’s fun to check in once in awhile to see what kinds of concoctions they have created.
Butiki: I sampled quite a few of their teas and they were quite flavorful. I know you were looking for herbals but I love their flavored oolongs.
Teavana: Since you are looking online you wouldn’t have to be harassed! I also have a free shipping code for them if you’d like it. They just released their new teas and I’ve tried a few of them. Some of the rooibos ones that I haven’t tried looked very good!
One site that I haven’t been able to buy from yet, but looks promising by way of flavored teas is Lupicia. I know there are some pretty favorable reviews here for their teas.

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Tamm— thanks for the recs. I love coconut, so I think I’m going to try the 52teas honeybush ones. Those sound great. I’ve tried a few Butiki’s that I liked— I’ll check them out again.

And actually, I go to teavana in person. They are super pushy, but I’m good at saying no. I really like some of their teacups with build in diffusers, but I tent to buy just tea to save $$.

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BlendsTea said

Hi gvillecreative ! We currently focus strictly on flavored blends ranging from black tea, green tea, white tea, rooibos and fruit mixes. Let me know if you have any questions and I’d be more than happy to help you out! You can see our selection here: http://www.blendstea.com

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Camiah said

Totally off-topic, is the gville in your name Gainesville? FL?

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Hello! I would like to offer up our large selection of flavored teas and tisanes at Culinary Teas we currently have 450+ teas. We offer good prices to start with and we have coupons and many ways to get free shipping so we not offer quality but we do our best not to bust your budget.

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Excelsior said

You might want to try the flavored teas from Mariage Freres. Marco Polo is their top seller for flavored teas.

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