Our new Tea of the Week! 03.05.12 Buttered Cranberry Orange Scone Honeybush

I don’t know why I never thought to combine cranberry and honeybush before, but this blend is (imagine Charlie Sheen here) WINNING! Had a glass of this iced last night, and it was like something you wanted to let slowly melt in your mouth. slightly buttery-, bakey- goodness sweetened with hints of juicy orange and ripe cranberries. This was absolutely like drinking a cranberry orange scone with creamy butter on it. This is a caffeine-free, guilt-free, 100% vegan-friendly blend of African honeybush, orange peel, freeze-dried cranberries, freeze-dried orange sections and natural flavors.

Don’t miss your chance to scoop this one up. I think it might end up being another Cinnamon Roll Honeybush (If you don’t know, that one was (and is) incredibly popular).

Our Tea of the Week for the Week of March 5th, 2012

One more thing…

It’s that time of year again. St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, so we are once again offering our Shamrock green tea, a blend of Chinese sencha, peppermint, spearmint and just a touch of vanilla, inspired by a certain fast food chain’s St. Patrick’s Day mint milkshake. It’s back for a limited time and only while supplies last. Yes, it WAS on the permanent list at one point, but I’ve decided to just bring it back each year around St. Patrick’s Day, so if you like this one, you might want to stock up.


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Interesting! Hope to place an order in a month or so…

One of these days I am going to WIN that email – 10th response thing!!!! LOL

Me too! I will win the email! We can do it, TEB!

I do think this one sounds yummy.

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Cofftea said

Butter… ick… burnt toast… ick…, but don’t worry, I love my mandarin matcha more than enough to make up for not liking this one!=P

milkspoon said

ahh! flavoured matcha? interesting :)

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New Tea of the Week for the week of 1.11.10: Chelsea’s Chocolate Banana Rooibos! Check it out: http://www.52teas.com

Cofftea said

I haven’t gotten the email yet to reply to so I just emailed you directly from the site.

Replied to your email.

Cofftea said

No hurt feelings, not my cuppa anyway- but I’m always looking for the unsual to go into my tea swap stash and this definitely qualifies:)

I didn’t get an email either…

Emails are going out. Our website sends them in batches. Don’t worry, We’ve never had ten correct responses until well after all of the emails have gone out.

Incidentally, no Chelseas were harmed in the making of this tea, though I have already had one customer email me to tell me that she thinks it’s deplorable how mean I am to her.

I tried to tell her that I’m just trying to hold my own against Chelsea’s venomous diatribe, but I don’t think she believed me.

Cofftea said

When I’ve been right I’ve always been too late so I tried to jump the gun. Turns out now I was too early. Sigh lol.

Cofftea said

This is the 2nd time I’ve made a point of noticing your steeping time… 4-10min is quite a wide range, is that normal for rooibos? I may note I’m not a rooibos drinker so educate me:)

Well, the thing is, unlike tea, rooibos can NOT be oversteeped. It will just get bolder and richer the longer it is steeped, so really it is just a matter of personal preference.

I, personally, do Rooibos 6 to 7 minutes…but that’s just me. If it’s something tarty or major fruit taste I do about 3 because I’m not so hot on the tarty fruit stuff.

There. The last batch of emails was just sent, and so far, I have two correct answers.

Cofftea said

Ended up getting it 3 times lol.

Really? Did you sign up with three different email addresses?

Up to five correct answers now…


And we have a winner!

Cofftea said

Nope it was sent 3 times to one email.

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But then again…I hate Bananas! LOL

I like bananas but this one just doesn’t sound yummy to me. I think it’s Chelsea fault for thinking up some weird combination of tea. =)

Definitely Chelsea’s fault, and that goes for anyone who doesn’t love this tea. Otherwise, you have me to thank. =)

lol i think this one could be very good! id Love to try maybe a strawberry banana rooibos oo or maybe add strawberry to the choco-nana one lol sry getting carried away

chana said

I love chocolate bananas….just ordered this. (^_^)

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1.18.10: Black Currant Papaya Green Tea with real dried black currants and freeze-dried papaya! Check it out http://www.52teas.com New email contest too! Win free tea!

Jillian said

Dang, missed out on the free pouch!

Oh well, at least I got to use my ‘L33T Forestry Skillz’ to answer! XD

Yup. You’ll probably be sick to hear this, but you were #9, and I am still waiting on #10.

Cofftea said

I knew I answered way too soon lol.

And we have our winner! Congrats to Laura Wilson-Anderson! Anyone reading this who has NOT signed up for our email newsletter, you are missing out on your chance to win free tea!

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We also have a new tea (Never before seen on 52teas.com) on Manteas.com: Coffee Rooibos! http://manteas.com/coffee-tea

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1.25.10 Apple Pie a la mode Black Tea! http://www.52teas.com/2010/01/25/1-25-10-apple-pie-a-la-mode/

Cofftea said

I’m not big on black teas, but I think I might like this one cuz of the cinnamon. I’ll just tell myself it’s a vanilla apple chai… YUM!

Cofftea said

I got the email a 2nd time, does that mean I can answer the question again? ;) kidding of course, unless you’ll let me. Then I’m not lol.

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2.1.10 (LATE) Raspberry Cream Cheese Danish Honeybush! http://www.52teas.com/2010/02/03/2-1-10-late-raspberry-cream-cheese-danish-honeybush/

Bethany said

Man, you’re killing me here. After reading your Tweet about this, all I can think about is a raspberry cream cheese danish..

mattscinto said

ahhh that sounds de-l-i-c-i-ous

Samantha said

I just bought some. I CAN’T WAIT.

Still looking for an email newsletter trivia challenge winner for this week! We got a lot of incorrect responses. If you are signed up for our email newsletter and haven’t entered for this week already, you should do so now! Be sure to keep reading the Hint article—the answer is in there; don’t give up after the first paragraph!

If you are NOT an email newlsetter subscriber, you are totally missing your chance to win free tea. It only takes a minute to sign up on our website (Just enter your name and email address), and you can opt out at any time.

Cofftea said

WOW! And I even thought I’d be way too late in responding.

Congrats to @tulokyn who was our tenth correct response!

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fcmonroe said

Darn it!! I answered too soon this time. Usually I’m way too late.

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Janefan said

Any chance 52teas will be re-releasing the Mandarin Matcha anytime soon/ever? Please, please, pretty please? I’m being tortured by Cofftea’s constant raving about that blend! I’m sure she’s got a lot of other Steepsterites interested in it by now too…

Janefan said

Same for the Malted Chocomate – rave reviews on here really make me want to buy it right now!

Ricky admin said

+1 to both of those. Shantea stole all of the mandarin matcha! Darn her!

Cofftea said

I’d settle for any flavored matcha. Not too keen on banana, but I’ll try it anyway. Keep the flavors coming!=D

Shanti said

Hehe! Sorry guys!

Janefan said

oh yeah, I’d be interested in other flavors too – what flavors would you suggest Cofftea? Pear and cherry came to mind first for me. And maybe plum since plum wine and sake seem to be popular in Japan.

Cofftea said

http://steepster.com/discuss/43-flavoring-matcha I sprinkled matcha over cantaloupe and the matcha that ran off into the juice was really good!

Janefan said

thanks, forgot about that thread!

The freeze dried orange sections we used in the Mandarin Matcha were kind of a pain to source and we used them up. But I am going to double check when I get out to the shop. I THINK we might still have enough left for a few extra pouches.

Malted ChocoMate is coming back soon. And we are working on more flavored matchas.

I actually made a bit of plum flavored matcha for myself and it was awesome, but I prefer to use some real fruits and whatnot when we blend our teas and I haven’t found any freeze-dried plums yet. (Freeze dried works best with the matchas because we can pulverize them and blend it with the powdered tea). I’ve also been thinking about maybe banana or pomegranate.

Janefan said

awesome, thanks for the response! I’ll keep an eye out for any or all of the above.

Cofftea said

52teas, but the orange is so worth it!=D Plum sounds delicious too. Cucumber melon matcha!:) Cucumber wasabi? Cucumber saki? Cucumber avacado? Might as well make a few cucumber blends if you’re going to bother getting them:)

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