Honey Phoenix Oolong

I need some help finding a tea. A couple months ago, I was at a tea house in the lower east side of Manhattan called Cha-An. There, we ordered a tea called Honey Phoenix Oolong which came in a clear glass pot. The liquid was a dark amber and the taste was WOW. It was smooth and brothy. The taste was of peaches and fruit and honey. Man was it like honey. I would say this tea was liquid honey with the sweetness removed, if that makes any sense. The oxidation seemed medium, not too dark, but not that green either.

I’ve tried emailing the place and asking them about that tea, but they never got back to me. Do any of you know what tea I’m talking about here? What oolong tastes exactly like honey, in your experience?

Also, if you have a chance to visit Cha-An, do so. It’s a great little japanese tea house.

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Uniquity said

I would try calling them, if you can get a phone number – they can’t ignore a phone call! : )

True! But I guess I’d feel kind of awkward. Next time I go there I’ll ask in person. I really hate phone conversations.

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Geoffrey said

The tea’s Chinese name is Mi Lan Dan Cong. It is one of the varietals grown on Phoenix Mountain in Guangdong province. There are apparently several different kinds with variety of different scent and flavor profiles. “Mi Lan” Dan Cong is the “Honey Scent” variety, others include “Almond Scent” and “Orange Blossom”. Dan Cong teas are not scented with anything though, these are just descriptions of characteristics that someone long ago thought the tea shared with other things.

I tried a Mi Lan Dan Cong for the first time a couple months ago, and it affected me in the same way. That one was a sample sent to me from Goldfish Tea in Michigan. Since then I’ve tried three other Mi Lan Dan Congs, and the one from Goldfish Tea still was the most impressive to me. I’ve also tried an “Orange Blossom” Dan Cong which was awesome, but not exactly the same as the Mi Lan (Honey Scent) one.

If you get any leads on a Mi Lan Dan Cong of superb quality, I’m in serious search of very fine examples of this tea, and would be quite interested in knowing about it. In any case, hope the info helps you. Cheers!

That’s really useful! Thank you. I found out much of the same when I searched desperately for it online. I also read a lot of reviews and few if any seem to indicate the strong honey flavor I experienced. Instead, it seemed as if the honey was only one flavor among other stronger peach or flower flavors, which isn’t exactly what I’m looking for.
I was also looking into Oriental Beauty oolongs, which are supposed to taste of honey as well.
I was hoping for some real world insight into my research. You have been most helpful. :) I’ll look into Goldfish if you assure me that the honey flavor is prominent.

Also, if you’re in NYC try the Honey Phoenix at Cha-An. Maybe you’ll like it. :)

Geoffrey said

Sure thing. Glad to help. You can see my tasting note for the sample from Goldfish Tea here :


It’s honey flavor is prominent, but also has the fruit notes in prominence too. I’d say it’s at least worth trying. I liked it quite a bit! I’ve been told that Dan Cong oolongs can be very “hit or miss”, and more often “miss”, so finding a very good one can take some effort. I wish you the best in your searches. And I will look out for this Cha-An place the next time I go through NYC. Thanks for the tip!

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It’s most likely Mi Lan Xiang (蜜蘭香) Phoenix Oolong tea, one of the varietals that is known for a “honey” aroma. You’ll find that most retailers that carry Phoenix Oolong’s will have this varietal as it is one of the most popular. Also because Phoenix Mountain Oolong’s are so sought after, and so famous around the world now, a higher price often does mean longer lasting honey aroma and flavor. The highest quality harvests usually don’t leave the domestic market. It’s one of the more expensive teas available but there’s nothing quite like it! Although you could also say that about a number of other teas =).

Never leave domestic market? So sad. But I totally get it if it’s so good. It’s hard to share sometimes. :)

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I recommend trying the Mi Lan Dan Cong tea from Canton Tea Co: http://www.cantonteaco.com/oolong-tea/mi-lan-dan-cong-honey-orchid.html

Thank you! I’ll certainly buy it with such a glowing recommendation.

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There is also a tea shop in New York City (33 Crosby St) called In Pursuit of Tea that sells a Honey Pheonix Oolong. I haven’t tried it though, but they usually offer tastings at the store so you can try before you buy.

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