pedant said Site Launch

Dear friends,

We would like to announce the official launch of a new online tea community: was started by members of the TeaChat community, including longtime admin Chip, pedant, and Victoria. It can be viewed as a successor to that community.

The goal of the site is to create a high quality discussion area with the hope that over time, it will develop into an extremely useful resource for people seeking in-depth information on tea. It is also our objective that the forum have a solid, transparent relationship with the community it serves.

We believe that traditional forums are optimized for in-depth discussion. Forums have site structure to organize topics in a useful way, and threads tend to persist longer which allows for interesting discussion to evolve. Also, unlike many Facebook groups, is externally indexed by search engines like Google.

We dream that will eventually become a valuable and easily searchable repository of tea knowledge.

Finally, our community is not backed by commercial interests and does not serve ads. The site exists solely to cultivate tea discussion, knowledge, and friendship.

We look forward to seeing you, founders

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mrmopar said

It is a nice setup. I was invited over there and the format is similar to what was used there before. If any of you were on teachat you should take a look at it. I visit a bunch of forums and you guys probably see me around a bit.

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AJ said

With everything that went down in recent months with TeaChat, I welcome this. I’ll lurk as I do ever tea forum.

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I imagine I’ll also be more of a lurker than contributor, but just hopped over and made an account/welcome post. I was never active at all on TeaChat and I think I only visited community two or three times – but I like the idea/spirit behind this, and the fact that my involvement is as fresh as the forum is ^^

Plus, always down for continued tea learning!

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AllanK said

I created an account last night as well. We will see how it goes over at that site, hopefully well.

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I just registered. Looking forward to even more tea posts, even if I’m not participating much these days myself. I’m always reading though!

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