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Steepster Select #003 Discussion (SPOILERS)

For those who participated in the Steepster Select #003, post pictures and discuss away! If you missed out on the first month you can sign up for the next month here => http://steepster.com/select


As a reminder, here are the teas included:

Diyi Cornfields (Pu-erh): http://steepster.com/teas/verdant-tea/19262-2008-diyi-cornfields-single-steeping-shu
Roasted Kukicha (Green): http://steepster.com/teas/new-mexico-tea-company/13488-roasted-kukicha
Bai Mu Dan (White): http://steepster.com/teas/canton-tea-co/2983-bai-mu-dan-white-peony

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I received my package yesterday. So far, I have tried the Pu-erh, and it is really incredible. This was a very creative package – I love the theme of migration.

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I too started with the Pu-erh. For my first steeping I just unwrapped it and put the nest in a tea strainer as I would with loose-leaf. Pouring the hot water in created a lot of fine debris that fell through the mesh. This is just an aesthetic concern, I suppose, and the tea was especially earthy.

For my second round, I took some advice I saw on the forums to run the nest (inside a tea strainer) under cold water for 30 seconds before steeping. This removes a bit of the fine dust that gets through the strainer, and also leads to a smoother, less pungent brew. Not necessarily better, just different.

I haven’t gotten to the others, but great choice on the diyi cornfields! The smokiness and subtle corn flavor (and strong aroma) really get me in the mood for fall.

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The Roasted Kukicha is very creamy and nice. I couldn’t get much flavor out of the second steep, but the first was very yummy -enough that I might buy it for that one cup alone each time.

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Cant wait to try the teas. I want to try out the pu-erh then to the green. I love the theme. I must say I was a little surprised and apprehensive about the pu-erh. The ones I have tried I have not liked…but I’m looking forward to this.

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I tried the Bai Mu Dan last night. I’m a big black tea drinker and I don’t have much experience drinking whites. I was immediately in love with the creamy aroma before brewing and it did not let me down once I tasted it. I just tried to savor another cup while I wrote this but I ended up gulping it down.

I can’t wait to try the Kukicha later today. I love roasted, smoky flavors. I tried the pu-erh first but I did not care for it. I used to enjoy pu-erhs but I think my palate has changed a bit over the last year. I’ll still give it a few more tries.

And I’d just like to say that I love the Steepster Select program! I started a little postcard album for the tasting notes. For these two months I’ve participated, I’ve spent the whole day giddy with excitement about the package waiting for me at home. I love the themes, the surprise, and the chance to expand my tea world. I was in a tea rut before I signed up.

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Anatta said

Am I suppose to unwrap to pu-erh?

Jason admin said

Although I’ve heard of people using the paper as a filter, you should unwrap each toucha.

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spearmint said

My mother took pity on me and sent the teas to school. The Kukicha was much creamier than I expected and fit the weather on campus quite well. Can’t wait to try the puerh but it has to wait when I actually have the time to enjoy it and not be sidetracked by midterm stuff. I loved the theme on this one and the teas fit it perfectly.

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