OolongLily said

Scenario: Power's Out!

Bummer for those who’ve been blasted with snow and a power outage. I hope everyone is okay. Got me thinking though…

Scenario: The power is out. Your Zojirushi requires electricity. You have an electric stove. It’s really cold and you really want tea. What do you do?

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Uniquity said

I have no backup power so I’d either have to let it steep room temperature for quite a while, or try using the magic heat of candles. Still wouldn’t be fast! I definitely would just be heating a small quantity of water at a time though, maybe in a very small pot or a mug I thought could handle the “candle power” : )

If I were at my Mother’s, Father’s or Grandmother’s, though, I would have a wood stove so life would be fine! : )

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Geoffrey said

Always have a gas powered camp stove… just in case. On my last camping trip I saw one of these in action:


And it was awesome.

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I have a charcoal grill outside, if push came to shove, I’d be out there, huddled around the grill brewing tea.

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Tamm said

If I was at my mom’s house my brother has one of those AWESOME jet boil things. I’m pretty sure I could steal it for tea. >:)

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I have a few whites that brew pretty quickly at room temperature. That’ll tide me over while I cold brew other stuff. I do like my tea hot though… I guess I’d use the gas grill outside. But that feels like cheating.

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Alishan said

Bottom half of Syphon coffee pot. Butane burner. Done…

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Living in a hurricane prone area, we always have a small backpackers propane stove (Coleman) ready for those days without power. They even make real cheap emergency stoves that run on “fuel tablets” now, but I must admit that I have used candles more than once to heat a small beaker of water to make my tea! ;-)
In fact, my cast iron teapot warmer can accommodate several votive candles and does a pretty good job…

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Hmm, I’m pretty lucky I don’t have to worry about that since I have gas stove, a grill, a fire pit, a camping stove and even a small weird handmade soda can & everclear burner type thing. If I didn’t have any of that, I would just toss some leaves into some room temperature water, put it on the windowsill and wait.

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I have a gas stove so I could always break out my old tea kettle and boil some water that way. I’d be more likely, however, to be lazy and just break out a packet of instant sencha from Rishi (link below), dump it into a bottle of water and shake.


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Garret said

When I do outdoor sessions/tastings and festivals, I use an Iwatani butane stove. It rocks! Worth every penny. Get a good one. Iwatani makes the best. I paid around $70 for it. There are cheaper ones, for sure, but you definitely get what you pay for. The one I have is efficient, easy to use and works flawlessly. Comes in a travel case, too. I used to use a backpacking stove but this is much much better. Every time I do a tasting or festival, it is amazing how many folks comment on what a groovy piece of gear it is.

Here is the link to where I bought it: http://www.restaurantsource.com/iwatani-cooking-and-warming-equipment—concession-equipment/countertop-cooking-equipment/butane-stoves/ProdDesc-35FW-7983.aspx

Tea ya later!

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