Japanese Black Teas

I know several people here were interested in trying Japanese Black Teas (especially after Den’s Tea introduced a little sample of it some time ago).

Well, Thes du Japon just made 5 black teas from Japan available!

One of them is even made by a producer who is trying to replicate Darjeeling techniques in his teas. Here is a link to them.

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Very cool, thanks for sharing! I’ve really enjoyed a couple from Yuuki-cha.

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Dorothy said

Wow, this is very tempting.

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(Heads up to LiberTeas and TeaEqualsBliss, and Geoffrey Norman, who were all looking or hoping Den’s Tea would carry black tea at some point).

Speaking of Den’s Tea…. they just came out with a new one:
Yuzu Kukicha! http://www.denstea.com/flavored-senchas-yuzu-kukicha-1100-c-130_551.html

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Thes du Japon is wonderful and tempting. I did receive notice for new tea: Sencha-yuzu-kukicha; mixture of twigs and the yuzu fruit. Very interesting!

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I’m curious about whether or not many of you have tried these? Yunomi now has dozens.


Looks like they do a lot of fermenting with bancha. Hm… I’m kinda interested in the oolongs and black teas — and curious how they compare with others. The prices are really reasonable. Some do anyway.

AllanK said

I bought several of their straight black teas that will hopefully arrive tomorrow. I now wish I had ordered some flavored ones too, next month.

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Cwyn said

I used to drink kukicha more than 20 years ago. The difficulty is it cannot simply be steeped, twigs must be boiled to extract the flavor.

Japan has more disclosure about tea processes and quality control. No matter what tea they produce, it will be as expensive as it is tasty.

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AllanK said

In my Yunomi order, probably coming tomorrow, I have several Japanese black teas arriving as well as Hojicha. Yunomi carries a large selection of Japanese Black Teas.

I’m looking forward to reading reviews. I haven’t seen much about them. But yeah, dozens of black tea options there.

And speaking of Yunomi, they have a really nice points system — you can redeem everything every time you buy. I didn’t even track my first order with them because I trusted the shipping system and I got a few hundred points for it.

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