Have you tried King Tea Mall? UPD: Bad experience

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Rich select said

So John from King Tea Mall just responded to me via email saying he will not offer any refund whatsoever on any of the teas. So after making it a point to say over and over again that he guarantees the quality of his tea, he has reneged. As far as I’m concerned, he is not someone I would trust. There are now a number of us who have had very similar problems, I guess he just decided to stop standing behind his products. Very disappointing. It would be a big risk to order from him. If any of you have placed orders from him recently and haven’t sampled your teas yet, I’d suggest you do so. But don’t expect any recourse if your Tea is bad.

John Hou said

My original reply to the accusation and request of refunding money is below,(except the buyer name replaced as Rxxx Dxxx)

Hi Rich

I checked your order placed by Rxxx Dxxx.

I guarantee that on every tea from me.
1) Authenticity and legality.
2) Good quality including storage condition generally recognized as
not broken tea body,no heavy moisture, no mold. Also there are others like unopened wrapper or etc. needed to be written here.
3) Good service.

But I can’t guarantee that our customer must like every tea of us and they will have same mouth feeling on same batch from other vendors. Because of varieties on individual interest and various storage conditions from different vendors.

So refunding money is unacceptable just because customer dislikes or regrets that order after we shipped it out.

Kind regards

Rich select said

I was really trying to like this vendor. When I tried one of the teas and it was good, I made it a point to post about it, in part so others would see his Tea was good. Then I tasted others that were clearly off, almost exactly as opilgrim described. So I was very honest and open about it. One of the teas was clearly rotten in some way, I have no doubt. Sour is a very bad sign. This was not a matter of my personal taste preferences. He would not even refund that one.

Now there are three of us who have these issues and have posted about it. This is a pattern. The vendor acted very nice at first, but now he is getting defensive and reneging on his promise of guaranteeing good quality Tea. how exactly does that guarantee work if he doesn’t accept the customer’s reaction?

I don’t think it is appropriate for a vendor to engage like this with Steepster folks on forums. He is clearly trying to do a sales job. I do not get angry easily and I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Look at my prior postings on this thread. I find this very disappointing and I am very mad. I hope people stop buying from King Tea, and I do not say that lightly. He has broken any trust that was there.

opilgrim said

Rich – If you paid via PayPal you can open a dispute and most likely get your money back. The only reason why I got a refund for the ripe Dayi cakes that were off was Paypal.
However, it feels like you didn’t use Paypal, based on the push back from the vendor you got.

Rich select said

I did use PayPal, thanks for the advice. I requested a refund for the two cakes that were pretty clearly not right. I wasn’t looking for a full refund, just a fair compensation. He certainly didn’t say that he went back to his storeroom and sampled the cakes I mentioned to see if they were bad. I don’t think he wants to know the answer.

Rich select said

Just wanted to post an update. I requested a refund through PayPal for around $50, out of a $150 order, for two cakes which were not right. I did not ask for more, or even any shipping costs. The seller is fighting the claim. This is not a very customer oriented way of dealing with problems. He never even said that he checked his inventory to be sure there wasn’t a problem with the teas one way or the other. There are probably subpar teas that he will now try to sell to others without confirming whether there is even a problem.

Buy at your own risk. This is not a trustworthy way of doing business in my opinion.

AllanK said

I don’t believe he can in general “test” his “inventory” as he orders from suppliers when you order. At least this is how it was when he was on Aliexpress.

opilgrim said

Good luck! PayPal usually is really helpful, also they see the history of previous complaints…

Rich select said

I meant he should check what he has on hand. He had these cakes on hand and sent them within minutes of my placing the order. If it were me and a customer said one of my teas was rancid, I would fetch one from my storage and check it, taste it, to see if there was a problem. The fact that he didn’t do so is very telling. If more of the cakes are bad, he is now going to sell them to unwitting customers. He does not seem concerned about that, only defensive.

AllanK said

I have not ordered from him recently, not since he left Aliexpress when they banned tea, but I had never had a problem. Of course on Aliexpress the buyer had more recourse than at a private website.

Rich select said

PayPal refused any refund. At least one of the teas I purchased was clearly rancid and there was no recourse. I wish the seller would at least have tried to work with me for a peaceful resolution.

what basis was refund refused?

Rich select said

They didn’t say. I didn’t understand the process so it was partly my fault. I just said a fraction of my order tasted bad. PayPal probably thought I was just being picky.

AllanK said

When you say the tea was rancid was this evident in a photo? If so you should have sent a photo to PayPal. Or was it clearly rancid only in taste?

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