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Shang Tea: Discount on Golden Needle and Clear Jade Orchid

For the month of November, Shang Tea is offering a 10% discount on two of Steepster’s most popular teas: Golden Needle and Clear Jade Orchid. Simply head over to our website ( add these teas to your cart and then use the coupon code “redleaf” when you check out to receive the discount.

In addition to the two teas above this also applies to our other red (black) and wu-long teas including Tangerine Blossom, Bai Lin Kung Fu Classic, and White Tea Wu-Long.

Thanks and enjoy!

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Nice to meet you Shang Tea. I signed up for newsletter; can’t make purchase this time. No funds. site seems simplistic. Nice.

I did not realize Red tea was Black tea in the west. Might have forgotten, not comprehend; and Rooibos are not teas.

Good good.

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Angrboda said

I can strongly recommend all the teas mentioned there! Especially the Clear Jade Orchid which is mindblowingly awesome. Run, don’t walk, to take advantage of this offer!

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