Petr Novák tea ware sale is going on at Life in Teacup blog

I’ve shown Petr Novák’s tea ware to quite a few friends who didn’t know about him. My friends could quickly recognize these unique teapots and tea bowls would be perfect for brewing various teas. But until I told them, none of them could make a correct guess where they were made :-D

In Petr’s tea ware, you can see an unique combination of oriental themes and contemporary factors! If you would like to learn more about Petr Novák and his work, resources links are available in the blog.

Window shopping is welcome! :-D

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Tamm said

Oh my gosh so pretty! :O I’ve seen his work before, but had forgotten about how tempting his pieces were. Damn my small pocketbook!

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AJ said

I saw this when you posted on Teatrade! I’m still contemplating the porcelain lotus teapot from your LAST sale. But it looks like that one finally sold.

It’s all so prettyyy but I have no more room for tea items at the moment. I need a bigger place.

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He does do amazing work; his artwork depicts a roughness in the clay while converting it to a teapot or chosen motif. Perhaps best to say: Roughness in the precision of the design.

Thank you always for sharing; I learn always something new. Truly thanks.

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