Like free tea?!

I’m giving away two pouches of free tea during my November 2011 contest at Keen Tea Thyme! Score a pouch of Autumn’s Walk and Almond Cookie – plus a free sample of my exclusive new blend, Pink Pearls. Just submit a 500-word response to what you are thankful for, by Fri., Nov. 25, 2011.

Contests are held monthly, with a new theme each month. Winners are chosen randomly. For all the deets, visit my blog:

Next month’s contest will include two new pouches – to be announced next month – plus a sample of Pink Pearls, and my new holiday blend. Stay tuned for more details!

Happy Brewing!

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There is something weird with the link, when clicked on, it takes you to Keenteathyme but changes to Adagio Teas website with a tea tumbler sampler sale…$24.00 sampler pack? Kind of weird or I am doing it wrong?

Also where to post essay if I were to try for it? Thanks.

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I did try a second/third time and got page to load to your site and visited the link for Adagio’s candy corn mix $10.00.

I am still not sure where to send essay. It is late and eyes are weary. Good of you to have contest. Best of luck to all folks.

I just checked the link myself. Appears to be operator error.

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I tried as well. Complete fail. Appears to be a marketing ploy or spam scam.

The pot calling the kettle black… I believe this one’s a spammer. Beware!

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Uniquity said

As the winner of last month’s contest (about Halloween memories) and Steepster friend of KiTT I’d like to say that it’s not spam or a scam. It’s clearly advertisement, but since it is advertisement for a way to win free tea I think that’s pretty great. I also managed to open the link without ending up anywhere near Adagio, so I am guessing that perhaps Seule clicked one of the links on the blog, some of which do link to her blends on Adagio. Anyway, as it says at the bottom of the post (if you can get it to load), you simply e-mail your ‘essay’ to her (keenteathyme at gmail dot com) Best of luck!

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I was able to find the November Contest page easily, as @Uniquity did. And I can also vouch for @KeenTeaThyme, as I recently purchased from her and she included two very generous samples of her teas own teas with the teas I purchased.

I also think this is a great contest. I hope to email my submission to her soon.

Thank you @KeenTeaThyme for offering a fun activity!

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DaisyChubb said

Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for holding this contest!

Also wanted to add (as this confused me a few months ago) that on Adagio teas you can create and sell your own blends on your own website as well as theirs, so the links provided are simply to Keen’s blends so you can see what kind of tea they are! Hope that helps clear up any confusion.

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Thanks for the kind words; this is NOT a marketing ploy, dear bryghtbeverages & seule771. As you can see from the URL, it’s from my blog. I’m betting user error on that one. But seule771 often jumps to incorrect assumptions as we all know.

I’m not associated with Adagio in any way other than the fact that I, like many others, make my own signature blends with them.

I also make my own blends separate from Adagio.

Thanks for sticking up for me, Uniquity, SimpliciTEA, DaisyChubb. :) Good to know there are still some good people left in the world. :)

If you have any questions, PM or email me.

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