Score 20% off at my new shop!

I’m launching my retail shop this weekend! To celebrate, I’m offering Steepsterites a coupon code for 20% off ALL purchases, including my exclusive new blend Pink Pearls.

To use, visit my shop here:

Select the items you’d like. At checkout, use code STEEPROX.

Hurry, offer is good through Monday (11/7/11) only!

Happy Brewing!

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Hey KeenTeaThyme, the 52teas offer (at 20% off) was a great deal – thanks a lot!!

Sure thing! Glad someone else can enjoy them! :) I’ll mail on Monday – but check your email first to pick the samples you’d like to be included as well.

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Marketing spam.

Let me dumb it down for you. I have a blog, Keen Tea Thyme, which is at (AKA, I have a Tea Trade shop, also. I’ve also been at Steepster a lot longer than you have – which makes me think you are the spammer.

Regardless, this isn’t a marketing ploy or marketing spam. I’m just one woman selling tea, in addition to a regular job.

But I also write – and my little blog does pretty well. So before you make false claims do your research.

Apology accepted.

teawing said

you go girl… :)

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DaisyChubb said

Again, it is not a marketing scam at all,
I find it difficult at time to navigate teatra websites, but this one is one of the better ones as you can find all of the products in the middle column.
Kind of understandable if you’re unfamiliar with teatra’s website dynamic (there’s only so much one can do to edit it haha), but I can again vouch for KeenTeaThyme that this is not at all a marketing scam, just a promotion! :)

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Thanks again for the support – I’m not a company, just one person. I sell tea at one place – Tea Trade – and I blog at another, Keen Tea

There’s always some bad apples out there. Guess they’d have to find their way here too.

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Companies are allowed to promote themselves here on Steepster via the discussion board, as long as they make it clear they are a company, and not a company pretending to be a customer, etc.

As for rating teas, companies are discouraged from putting a numerical rating on their own (or competitors) teas, but they are welcome to post a note.

I’m not Steepster Admin, but those are guidelines that have become clear to me over time.

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