Justin said

Tea shops in houston

Anyone tea drinkers in/around the Houston (Tx) area who could steer me to a good tea shop? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Guh! I just a wrote a long thing, and then I accidentally deleted it. :(

I don’t know many places, since I only used to visit a few times a year (Montrose/Allen Pkwy area). However, here are two places I know.

The Path of Tea (on Alabama near the Whole Foods out there)
Nice tea shop that’s fun to go and drink in. Last time I was there, there was a great guy working named Gabriel. Not really supportive of the owner’s claims to be one of only 14 “certified” tea experts, since it’s hard to become an expert at something if you just pay for a few classes and they give you a certificate. To be a real tea expert, you really have to go over to tea countries and learn from folks there over a lifetime, but..whatever! That’s just my opinion. Don’t let that disclaimer keep you from the shop, since they really do have some good teas, especially if you’re looking to branch out.

Te House of Tea (near the funky Westheimer shopping area)
A big teahouse with lots of tables, plus a big food menu. It sometimes smells a little too much like food in there for me, but theyve got a good selection. Another interesting place to check out.

Oh! And if you’re over in that part of town, you should really check out the Chocolate Bar.
It is awesome! No tea, but the best chocolate around. yum yum

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Jason select said

You can try the Places Tab: http://steepster.com/places

Looks like there’s just a couple rated in Houston, but you might be able to at least see where lots of the possible places are.

Justin said

I Just saw the second half of your comment. I don’t know if my phone wasn’t letting me scroll all they way down or what. I also just realized your picture is of shredder, very nice i must admit.

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Justin said

Spoonvonstup I went to the path of tea earlier today and it was neat. I did enjoy " the smelling area". I will check out tehoouseoftea tomorrow or wednesday. I will be sure to check out the chocolate bar as well. That sound like an amazing place.

Jason, I tried the places tab, but most of the places i was finding are closed down.I also thought it would be good to know if anyone knew of any gems in this area. Thanks for the help

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